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Early this year, I shared my very first animal portrait on DA. In fact, it is my first ever attempt to draw an animal as previously all my artworks are human related. I thought it's either going to be an epic failure or total disaster but I manage to pull it off somehow, which to me is a big accomplishment :D

Initially I didn't expect it's gonna be well-received since my previous human portraits are mostly 10-20 favorites within a day. But I was wrong as cat is truly one of the Internet's most beloved pet! I received about 800+ favorites within 24 hours and this is something which I never achieved before in the past few years I ventured into art. Thank you DA community!

However, despite the good reception, my artwork also drew some heavy criticisms. It is my most feared criticism of all - I was accused of being a cheater and a thief.

Now, I understand that when accusation was being made, there must be something happened previously that irritated/digusted them, so frequently, that they must speak out so the rest of community wouldn't fall victim into it.

Although I encourage this policing practice very much, I still think we should also let the accused to justify or defend themselves. In my case, I wasn't given the chance to defend myself until I have to conduct damage control to recover my reputation. Nevertheless after I proved my innocence by showing them the Work-in-progress (WIP) video, I am glad that they did not persist their accusation further and one even give me a good advice! :D

Anyway, regardless of what have happened, I still need to make things clear for everyone to understand:

1. All artworks here which I claimed as "drawing" are basically hand-drawn from scratch using Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Wacom Intuos Draw tablet. In order to prove that I really draw them, I have created WIP videos as well as the progress screenshots. My YouTube channel is here:…

Although there are not much videos for now, I believe these are sufficient to prove that I can really draw. Recently, I also put link to Reference Photo so you guys could make side-by-side comparison to see the difference. While the difference might not be able to see from far, you can actually see them if you zoom in closely.

2. The reason why it looked so accurate as the referece photo is because I used the Grid Tool integrated in Photoshop. Those who learned in art class or school, I'm sure you guys at some point are asked to use grid for drawing - especially if you're a beginner or amateur. Grid tool is really helpful, you should try it if you're like accuracy very much.

3. Lastly, I never claimed myself as professional artist nor I take commission from anyone. In fact, I'm not even a full-time artist/designer. I never attend any art schools, classes, courses whatsoever except self-learning from internet or YouTube. Basically, I draw simply because it is my favourite hobby, I like realistic drawings and I did it to pass my leisure time or to kill boredom.

Though you might not be able to tell or see it, every artwork has its own personal challenge and each time I manage to accomplish it, I feel very satisfy and happy about them. When I'm happy about them, I share on DA, hoping to get some encouragements for me to continue. I expect nothing, no monetary whatsoever, from DA community except for simple likes/favourites and comments.

I don't intend to make profits out from my artwork because I know I might get legal troubles or disagreements from art community. Even if I draw for someone, I only draw for my very close friends and offered them for FREE as a gesture/symbol of friendship.

Before I end this journal, I humbly apologise if I sounded defensive or offended those who involved. I never intend to hurt anyone nor to create trouble in DA. I just wanted to share my thoughts and opinions of what had happened recently. It is indeed a learning experience. Next time, I should always put the WIP video link first before posting xD.

Thanks for your time reading this journal and thank you for those who supported me these few years! =)  

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019!!!!!

Hello everyone and hope you guys will be having a great year ahead!

It's been a year since I updated my last journal. And today I would like to introduce you my new YouTube channel called Arts of Realism (Link:…).

Basically the videos in this YouTube channel will be featuring Work In Progress of my digital portraits (mostly the latest ones). These videos are to dedicate for those who are eager to find out how I did the drawing from zero to its completion. Or, to those who still disbelieve or doubt that I did draw it from scratch (which many of my friends and work colleagues thought so XD).

I hope you guys like it and in future, I will be uploading more videos so you'll get more inspired. So be sure to subscribe my YouTube channel! =)

So, what will be my next or future artwork?

Honestly I am still figuring out on what should I do for the next artwork. Initially I thought of drawing females of different ethnics. But then again, I still haven't got the inspiration/motivation to do so.

Let's wait and see. Perhaps some time in few weeks/months, I might have new inspiration. I always tell myself not to force yourself to draw one if I am not inspired. The outcome will not be as pleased as those with full of inspiration.

So until I have the idea on what to draw next, see ya again! :D
Hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 to all my Watchers out there! How are you guys? I hope everything is going well last year and wish for the same or even better for this year round. :)

It's been long that I didn't visit DA and I've realized that many features have been changed. The old features have been upgraded to better and the upload part has becoming easier. I'm not sure about the rest but I sure think it is better than previous time. (Obviously, otherwise it is not called upgraded right? LOL).

Now that I update this journal, does that mean I will be back active on DA once more? The good news, I may be returning once more since my work life has becoming easier after the company finally employed a few of my new minions. But the bad news, my art submission may not be as frequent as before. And probably, I may not be drawing video game fan arts (like Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts) for a very long time.

Reason being, I hardly have the leisure time to play game. Even my recently bought game, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, I don't have the time or mood to continue play. Somehow I do not have the urge/passion to complete the game. The moment I use those time to play game, my mind starts to think that I'm wasting time and I suppose to dedicate such time for better activity (No offense to gamers out there, this is my personal feeling). So now that game is collecting dust and god knows that when will I play the game.

Nevertheless, the thought of not drawing game fan arts may not be forever. I am still following up updates on the latest development of my favorite games since social media is so convenient to check out for new update. If I spot interesting character (particularly female) that ignite my urge to draw... I might consider of breaking the chain and draw like crazy!!! Haha!!

But for now, I will be sticking to my latest drawing trend. If you noticed, there are 3 recent and not-so-recent artworks have been uploaded to my gallery. These series of artwork are basically a way to ensure that my drawing skill is not rusty (It will be very disheartening if the skills that I learned for years suddenly gone just like that).

All 3 girls that were featured in my artworks are originated from Asia countries, particularly from the Orient. Vivian Zhang is from China, Lee Ji Min is from Korea and Tsubasa Honda is from Japan. Actually this trend is not planned initially. All these are mere coincidence that the girls capture my attention are different nationality.

So I decided to continue this trend and immediately start up a new drawing after uploaded the latest artwork. This time the female featured in the new artwork will be a Hong Kong actress. Then together with all 4 or probably 5 artworks completed, I will combine these into one and dub it as "The Orient Beauties". :D

Excited to hear about my plan? I hope you do! :D

Till I complete the artwork, I shall see y'all soon! Bye!
When I looked back at my previous Journal Entry, I realized that it has been 2 years that I did not write a new update although I did submit a few artworks after that.

Anyway, I think you guys must have know that I have been disappearing for the past few months (or already 1 year already?). Don't worry, I'm perfectly fine here (haven't went insane and burned the whole town..). In fact, so far my life paths are going well and improving from time to time.

As for my art's life... It is sad to say that I have to go inactive for now, maybe for a very long time period. I wouldn't say drawing or doing artwork have been wasting my time (actually I really enjoy drawing), but I have to face the reality that drawing indeed take up much of my time. Now as my age catching up, I am tied down with lots of serious commitments (job, relationship, studies, future developments... list goes on) and that said, I really need to allocate my time on these.

For those who are unaware of, I am not an artist in real life and I don't do art for living. Drawing is more of like my hobby and past time activity. I know I may be probably giving excuses rather than reason itself... but I had to prioritize which is best for my current life and situation.

Nevertheless, of course I won't be throwing away my drawing skills. It is one of my most precious skills that I have developed so far. It took me more than 2-3 years to develop such skills (though it is not perfect yet). The last I drew is the portrait of my GF (haha, I won't be posting here) which I just completed few weeks ago and I am proud to say that my skill still hasn't gone yet! It's like once you learned how to ride bicycle, it will forever carry on within your gene.

So, will I be back again?

Firstly, my DeviantArt account will still stay here along with my past artworks. I hope my artworks still continue to inspire everyone of you who admired how I drew them (haha, maybe some of you already developed the drawing skill way better than me). However, I may not reply your message because I may probably visit DA once a while.

Secondly, I will continue drawing... when I'm free or my hand becoming itchy. The theme of my artwork, however, may no longer be Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts related because nowadays I hardly following up the news (sort of like giving up when SQEX decided to develop Final Fantasy Versus XIII a.k.a FFXIV and KH3 for PS4). That said, my drawing will be more on personal... maybe I will continue to draw my GF or real person like celebrity?

Thirdly, if I were to draw again and post on DA, I still have to see if DA still exists by the time I plan to do so. If DA indeed still exists that time, I can't really tell if I will submit artwork on DA... . I do have the tendency of not submitting to DA after completing an artwork simply because I am lazy or do not have the time to do so. 

Well, that's all for the final journal that marks the end of my art journey for the time being. I hope I would see you guys again in future and till then, I bid you adieu and all the very best! Sayonara~~ :D
Hey guys!

How's things going nowadays? Hope ya feeling great and always in good health.

Well, it seems that it has been almost half of year that I have not update the journal. Questions may be arise like somehow I went missing for 5 years after setting fire in Nibelheim or trapped in the Void Between or maybe plunged into Darkness etc...

No worries, in fact, I'm still alive - surviving in this harsh reality and life goes on as usual. Just that I'm kinda busy after since I joined into a new company. :D

Sights of my existence still visible in DA, as I recently submitted a few artworks which somewhat is not as epic as before. I'm so sorry that I couldn't fulfilled the epic-ness of art quality like before. I'm not a full-time artist, just doing for hobby sake... and during when I'm free at home with not-so-tiring/sleepy conditions.

So, as far as you know if you did not exercise your hand/mind regularly on drawing, you may ended up someday that you "forgot" how to draw or having lots of doubts that you think you may be unable to achieve the same epicness like your glorious day before.  

Now what I do is,
1. Cosplay Manipulations:

Tekken 6: The Duel by lyzeravern Cosplay Photomanipulation by lyzeravern

Yeah, special thanks to SakuMiyuku for letting me to use her fantastic cosplay photo to photomanipulate them. In fact, cosplay photomanipulation is also part of my goals along the same line to achieve realism drawing. I like to put magic effects or epic effect surround the character.. it's like watching movie/anime/CG scenes with all those fancy magic stuffs. (Damn, only if I can animate in 3D that will be total awesome!)  

2. Oh yes, Project: Redo (that is the journal's main topic)

At times, I do some frequent visit to my gallery, lookin' at my old artworks - comparing before and after. Now when your eyes start staring at the old artwork, and then reflect to the new artwork... you will start to realize that "with my ability now, I can do better wonder with this old art... my hand started to feel the itch"

And ta-dah *with Challenge Accepted expression* !!!, I embark the journey to do some minor or major redo on my artwork. Here's the current result:

FFXIII-2: Serah Farron by lyzeravern FFXIII-2: Re - Serah Farron by lyzeravern  

FFvsXIII: Stella Nox Fleuret by lyzeravern FFvsXIII: DN - Radiance by lyzeravern

KH2: Namine x Kairi by lyzeravern You may be not realize this, but I have intensify the lighting and color... making it glow. It has been my intention all these while to make artwork seems like glowing, but somehow couldn't manage to achieve.

FFXIII :: Sketch of Lightning by lyzeravern FFXIII: Re-Sketch of Lightning by lyzeravern This may be old redo... but it's one the mixed media artwork which I proud most. I thought I could never be able to edit this until, again, *Challenge Accepted expression* comes in. :XD:


Tifa Lockhart :: Radiant Smile by lyzeravern

Haha, this is one of the challenges which all these while have no guts to attempt - fearing the impossibility. But after the *Challenge accepted* face, the plan seem working fine and her face now... *already jelly* LOL :XD:

Current progress, it's already 20% done and going to be lots more to go... So if everything goes smooth, I shall be able to complete by end of June?

Anyway stay tune and until then see ya! :D
OMG, it has been weeks since I last update this journal. It's consider the longest ever since I returned active back in 2008 :XD:

Alright, so where have I been? Well, if you ask me that question... my answer always be the same. Busy with routine life. And yeah, other than that, I have busy doing videos with my friends here which took about 1 month plus for everything. And good enough, I have finally finish everything and that I can start concentrate on my work. :D

So much I wish to say this... but it's not gonna be a new art but the art which I previously teased you guys before. Remember this? WIP: Whose Eyes Are these? by lyzeravern

After looking at you guys comments, most of you got it right... I am working on the new look of Serah Farron in FFXIII-2 :)

I'm not sure what you guys think of... I think the new outfit is kinda looks cute on her. So yeah, that trigger my urge to draw her and still never give up. My initial thought or plan was to draw on her face and a bit of her chest level (maybe till necklace). But the plan may be differed... so I may go for whole body or half body... hmm...

Of course, it will be absolute superb if I could finish the whole body... but I'll still encounter some difficulty. I like to do details work... but at one point which may be my challenge is the word (I think in Pulsian language) written on her abs. Can anyone or anybody especially those who cosplayed Serah know what it says? It will be kind of you if you could so also direct me to a site that have Pulsian fonts. With it, I can easily embed otherwise I may be simply do a strange pattern which I dunno what it is LOL :XD:

And so, for the progress... till now, it's 35%. I have done mostly top part... and yes, the face and hair are very satisfying. I've been staring at her face more than 1000 times and still happy about it :D

The date to finish... I think it will be a long way to go. And I have yet to figure the background. Hmm... =P

Till then, see ya! :D
Last completed artwork was June 25... ooo, 3 months have past, yet there is no update on my artwork.

Yeah, previously I have been very busy settling stuffs and seriously don't have the mood to lay fingers on drawing. Because to me, to produce awesome masterpiece, I really need to have a suitable mood. Otherwise I'll be ended up drawing a piece of crap...

BUT, I still have not totally abandon Photoshop. Im not sure about you guys, do you think it will such thing if you didn't draw or regularly using the software for a long period of time, you will be having sort of dementia or being so forgetful on how to draw for instance? Never tried that, but Im too afraid to attempt that stunt too. Otherwise, all my efforts are like... wasted? Hmm... ^^;

SO... here's what I plan, I will soon start drawing again (yay!) but I won't begin with total awesomeness just yet. I need to see... whether my theory of being rusty after some time, is true or not.

I'm gonna start something... something which shall be revealed later! So stay tune!! :D

And, before I ended this journal... Enjoy the few latest Photomanipulation! Here's the link:…
Howdy everyone!

I guess it has been 2 months that I didn't show any progress of my any works. So sorry about that, I have recently settling down with my new job and haven't find a proper mood to continue my artwork.

Anyway, I did not totally abandon everything. I still do some Photoshopping work! LOL... all these while I have been doing art from empty canvas, so now I kinda itchy hand to do some superimposing using my existing skills.

And thanks to one of my DA friends, SakuMiyuku who  is also a great cosplayer, she allows me to superimpose some of her pictures and somewhat like the idea of infamous magic symbol (I dunno what it called ^^;) behind Stella.

So here you go, the result is here:…

If you like it much, give it a fav or comment! :D

Hope ya enjoy! :D
I must say that not all artists are versatile in which my case it is... If you asked me to do something different than I usually do or perhaps something new, it really take times for you to adapt. Not especially when you are already in a comfort zone.

The current work I do right now, is actually something different that I always did. And because of that something different, it's very hard for me to keep up the pace. Hence a lot of laid back... procrastinating... yeah, that is the artist's worst enemy.

So to keep me inspire, I have decided to go for another plan... Not to say I am entirely ditch the current one, put it in KIV or aside. And this is the new plan in mind.

All these while, you have seen me doing digital cosplay on non-cosplay model. This time plan is more seemingly like downgrading myself but it's a new thing to me... well almost new. I have decided to draw the REAL cosplayer this time! Hehehe...  

Basically, drawing the real one is much simpler the one which I have to imagine the costume on the model. Nevertheless, I will still put some effort in like adjust the details to look exactly (or closely) like the real character in case there's notable difference (well, I believe it's hard to make a costume 100% accurate).

So who's the cosplayer? Let say I don't want to reveal now till I draw half way and decided to update my post. Perhaps I may post some WIPs for you to guess who is the familiar face? :XD:

Anyway, the character of the cosplay is TIFA from FF7: Advent Children.

Yay to those who wanted me to draw the character. :D
It seems that for the past few days I have been very unproductive, lack of inspiring moments. So much things to do, so many things came all the suddenly - everything all cluttered in my head.

The house that I and my family rented got evicted as the owner decided to sell of the house to other. Me and my bro have to go around and search for the house. And when the house finally found the right one, a lot of things we have to bear...  the money, the procedure and all those nonsense. Argh! :(

So come back to the art progress... currently I'm halting the process or rather, I'm slowing it down. Which means, when I'm free or boring, I will do some minor touch up or adding up 1 or 2 things.

By the way, do you guys have Facebook?

I'm actually interested to keep in touch with my fans via Facebook. So if you guys have it, feel free to add me by typing in the email:

But please do mention where you from, like "Hey, I'm from DA"... otherwise I will think it some random dudes came in to stalk me. LOL :D
It seems that for the past few days I have been very unproductive, lack of inspiring moments. So much things to do, so many things came all the suddenly - everything all cluttered in my head.

The house that I and my family rented got evicted as the owner decided to sell of the house to other. Me and my bro have to go around and search for the house. And when the house finally found the right one, a lot of things we have to bear...  the money, the procedure and all those nonsense. Argh! :(

So come back to the art progress... currently I'm halting the process or rather, I'm slowing it down. Which means, when I'm free or boring, I will do some minor touch up or adding up 1 or 2 things.

By the way, do you guys have Facebook?

I'm actually interested to keep in touch with my fans via Facebook. So if you guys have it, feel free to add me by typing in the email:

But please do mention where you from, like "Hey, I'm from DA"... otherwise I will think it some random dudes came in to stalk me. LOL :D
Everything I submits a new art, I always desire from something new or rather something that challenge me. That way I can produce variety or different type of art. Well, I'm not talking about the style of art like realism to anime or realism to abstract art and so on... I'm talking about the method, or the way I improvise my drawing. Each work, I assigns a challenge for me to endure. Even though you may not notice the difference, I can feel it along the way I drew them.

Alright, usual question pops up in your head. What will be my next art?

The title gave the hint. I'm going to do something different this time. The genre of the art will be different. It's NOT going to be a fan art. O.O And no, it's not going to be any Original Characters (OCs) drawings or something that relate to games/animes/movie.

What I'm about to draw is something related to our current situation, daily issue.  It's gonna be a reality based art. The portrayal of cruel side of the world! Haha.   

So how's it gonna turn out? I hope it's gonna turn out good on exactly what is in my mind.... :)

Till then, see ya! :D
Hello Watchers!

How's everyone so far? Hope you're doing great and feels good as always :D (Man, each time when I wrote a journal, I always talk about myself. Never bother to ask about others =P)

Okay, before I go into my art progress, allow me me to do some advertisement first which is purely unrelated to DA and my art. Don't worry, it's nothing hard sell but just to help my elder bro to promote his site.


My elder bro is a movie enthusiast and often spent 90% of his life, dedicated to everything movie. So, to express his enthusiasm, he ultimately channeled them to the often updated blog.

This is his site:

You can say he covered everything from preview to review and slowly expanding to various of categories. Any details or whatever you wanted to ask about movie, you can always drop him comments or email.

Last but not least, if you really like his blog, please do become his Follower or share the link into Facebook, Twitter or any social medias! Thank you very much! :D


If you guys been following my journal, I recently scratching my head on how to position 2 females on one artwork. Though I have seek help from my other fellow Watchers (thank you for the help), I still having the same trouble due to several reasons.

So, after cracking my head and looking around for inspiration.... Finally I got the idea. But this idea can be rather awkward compare to my usual art. I'm gonna do something different. But Watchers, please do not expect more from this art. This may be a disappointment to you, but I will try my best to ensure it's quality is there.

I give you the basic preview:

The Sanctum military, PSICOM in Final Fantasy XIII basically wore a helmet and visor right? Behind the visor, the wearer will see lots of visual image projection like target, data, coordination, information etc in front of their eyes. I'm gonna draw those. So how am I suppose to relate 2 characters and this idea... you shall find out soon :D


I did expressed my anger about people keep on stealing my work right? Okay, here's what I'm gonna do... I'm gonna upgrade that art into better version which gonna be far different from the original screenshots. So if those thieves were once again, claiming it's the same... I can obviously show proves that it ain't the same... SO please remove it!

Till then, see ya! :)
Ah, so I have two beautiful girls inside my computer and I would like to place them side by side. Their pose are pretty simple, I will feature their front face, both looking in front with their own facial expression.

While I almost complete their face and sorts, I started to scratch my head on how should I put them in wallpaper... Therefore I need you guys to lend me a hand. Any ideas or wallpaper reference you encounter that portray two persons, feature only their front face and place side by side? You have any link, please state here too :)

I need some inspiration here... So really appreciate if you guys can help me. Thank you! :D
All of us know including those who is a beginner, amateur or professional that art theft is an unfavorable act that nobody could ever tolerate.

But as for this journal, I am not intending to express my anger or disappointment since I believe most of these emotions have already channeled and conveyed through other DA journals, news, forums and comments. If I am to rant it out loud, then the content will be the same... I'm pretty sure you guys have the same idea and thoughts about art theft, right?

So let me get straight to the point. Now, which of the art being stolen?

Usually for normal art theft cases, people can straight away recognized the stolen work because of the resemblance had by the original artists. In other words, they are obviously detectable.

However, my case are quite different. If you wanna know why, here I present you my work with the most time being stolen:…

Now, for those who have faved and commented the art, I once again would like to say thank you very much and I am very appreciate your supports to keep me going.

And, for those (be it my watchers or others) who use this art WITHOUT MY PERMISSION in the form of photo manipulations, edited wallpapers, signatures, banner or whatsoever as you think that "the artist (ME) will never notice since it's so close to original screenshot"...

Please don't think or treat the artist (ME) is an idiot... PLEASE

I know how is my version of work look like because I have spending a lot of time looking while I drawing it. I know every details I put and the difference I made compare to the original one.

If you truly think that there is no way to differentiate, try take original screenshot and compare side by side. It is THAT HARD to differentiate?

Okay, forget about hard to differentiate part.

Before you download and make my art into your own edited art, did you actually read my artist comments that I explained and include WIPs that everything was drawn from scratch... Or you just being ignorant? "Don't know, don't care" attitude?

Well, whatever is your attitude, I personally don't really care either because in the end that will going to define you and yourself. You will be the one whose gonna live with it till the end.

But please do consider those who will be affected by your action.

Please do understand.

P/s: Sorry for my jumbled words and structures because I wrote this around 3am... I just need to express it out loud because I have becoming so sick that people still do it until now.... *sigh*
At times, knowing that you're already improved, you will tend to look into your past artworks. Some maybe satisfying, some maybe you said "Wow, that was ancient drawing style" or some you will LOL'ed at it.

But the more you gazed at your old artwork, somehow you'll got this irresistible urge to revamp them with your latest skill, right? And then you'll compare both old and new and start to "whoa" around. :XD:

So, which artwork needs to be revamped? Let's take a stroll at my gallery!

Alright, if you're familiar with my gallery, I'm sure that you have seen particular art that I used to revamp once and posted it as a new one. But the revamp of this particular artwork somehow is not completed till now.

Yup, if you guessing it right, it's definitely the White Lightning artwork! :D

Okay, what's make this artwork so special that I intended to revamp so much?

Firstly, the artwork Tranquility was one of my very first realism attempt after Tifa artwork. It's also the first most effort put into her outfits and accessories (Tifa is more like simple looking costume) which eventually inspired me to go into extreme detailed drawings.

Then as the progress goes with some improvement in realism, I tried to do some face lift for her image. It turned out satisfying, therefore I posted this up as WIP. But I made a stop decision, when I decided to go on with another new artworks. Back then, I think I need to add more new artwork otherwise my watchers will scream, "Not again the same old sh*t".     

So why I wouldn't say this is about the "same old..."?

Aha, early this year's announcement Square Enix planned to make a sequel for FFXIII featuring Lightning in exotic medieval-ish armor design. Coincidentally, they also release one big gigantic resolution of Lightning face which the pose somewhat resembles mine except that SE version was with the armor. (AH, Square Enix is plagiarizing my work! Hahahaha! Just kidding... =P)

Now, I got one determination. I decided to challenge Square Enix! Muahahahahah! I'm gonna revamp into a better drawing over the SE's version (or maybe almost equal). And the ironic part, I use the SE one as my reference! (Haha, double the evil).

But the pictures won't be like the exact replica. You'll notice the difference obviously. In fact, before I write this journal, I already did the face lift and I would say it's very satisfying. It is how I intended it to be... :D

Okay, that is all for today's announcement.

For those who expecting new artwork from me, I'm so sorry because I'm currently having an artist block. It's not a serious issue but there are lots of thing in my mind that I have yet to decide which. I need time to digest. ^^;

Till then, see ya! :D
It's almost one month since the last Yuna WIP and you may be wondering the current status of the work. I may myself also felt a little bit quiet here, so I decided to write in journal.

The drawing of Yuna herself is about to complete, what left is just touch up and some minor adjustment. Her Obi (the one on her waist) was quite difficult to draw and you would expect some inaccuracy in terms of proportion.

And that says, the one I still haven't touch is the background. So the question lies here: What background should I draw? But I got another question myself: Is it important to draw a background? I'm actually more to latter question because I don't seem to have interest to draw the background (partly because I'm lazy... =p). For this artwork, I actually want to focus more on the character herself. What do you think? Do you think such decision would affect the quality? ^^;

Oh yeah, somehow I have been slow on doing artwork. Most probably my activity was affected by the month of Chinese New Year whereby I been busy doing other things, outdoor activities etc. And jinx occurred to me so frequent that I been struck with ailment for number of time. (Yeah, the notorious sore throat strikes back!) Usually I don't have the mood doing artwork if I'm down with these. :(

Anyway, now that I'm already cure... I shall be back continue it at no time. Till then see ya! :D
Alright, nowadays I often receives inquiries on how I did my artworks or which methods I adopt to achieve realism etc. So I guess it's time for me to list down my answers here, then it would be convenient for you guys to refer. If there's anything I missed, feel free to leave your questions here and I shall update the journal accordingly :D

Q1: How did I do my realism artworks?
A: No doubt this is the most general question to ask which usually prompt me having difficulty to answer. It depends on which angle or perspective you're looking at. Are you referring to A-Z methods/tutorial, overall explanation what I basically do, how to achieve 3D or realistic like? Therefore to answer this question in complete form, please refer to the following questions.

Q2: What is the general method you use for your realism artwork?
A: Most of my realism artworks are heavily based on reference. However, they are not direct reference from cosplay models. Instead, I usually refer to bikini girls or any suitable models from the net (so long the photo is in high resolution) as base. From there, I gave them "wear" hand-drawn digital costume based on the character I wish to draw.

Q3: Why do you adopt such method (in Question 2) when you can just draw everything without referencing?
A: There are two type of category answers: Excuse and Reason. Excuse: I'm still not good in doing without it. =P

Reason: Before I started venture into realism, I often ponder "how does this celebrity or such gorgeous girl looked like in ABC character/costume?". I'm pretty sure that you sometimes fantasize your favorite celebrity to look in so and so character, no? Furthermore, I felt that it's gonna be quite outstanding since not much people actually venturing into my kind of art. Most of the portrait artists were drawing based on direct reference (everything is the same according to the photo).

Q4: What software did you use for realism artworks?
A: Adobe Photoshop and my trustworthy Wacom Graphire 4 tablet (LOL, that's an antique tablet since Wacom Bamboo already replace it)

Q5: Do you superimpose costumes/ accessories on the bikini/girl model? Or everything is basically superimposed/photoshopped products?
A: Generally, Adobe Photoshop often quoted as the perfect software for photo-manipulation hence the term "photoshop" as verb. However in my case, I don't superimpose (except for some backgrounds) but everything on the model was purely done from scratch.

Q6: Why is there is not much male in your gallery    
A: Sometimes, I got requests to draw male characters which usually I turn them down with (lame) excuses. LOL. What are the true reasons?

In reality speaking, I'm just an ordinary guy who seemingly attracted towards opposite gender (but isn't this normal for guys?) and when comes to drawing, I usually need "feel" (yeah, called it mojo) or sort of enthusiasm in order to create a quality art. I mean, can you draw something that you don't like or feel to draw? You probably could, but you may not able to produce similar standard than those you liked.    

Q7: Okay, then why not draw female other than Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts?
A: In fact, I did venture into something else like Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Ghost In The Shell... But if you asked why not others, here's the explanation:

Those 2 examples given are my favorite animes. And because I knew their story well, it gave me the right mood or "feel", therefore I can draw properly. :)

Q8: Why didn't you start up a tutorial?
A: If you observe most of my work, you'll notice there are certain inconsistency in terms of color vibrancy. Sometimes I manage to produce very realistic lighting while sometimes I produce overly vibrant color.

Because unlike the conventional ways of drawing realism, I don't lay out colors specifically. For instance, skin. Supposedly I should lay 3 different color tones for skin, shading (darker tone) and lighting (brighter tone). However, my method works this way: I used one orange color for skin (in fact the very same color I used since the day one I draw anime). And then I used slightly brownish color with different mode for shading and lighting. Multiply for shading while Screen for lighting. After much exploration, I start using Burn Tool for shading and Dodge Tool for lighting.    

Q9: Where do you learn how to draw these stuffs?
A: Everything is all self-learning from anime till realism drawing. I did not attend any art schools, courses or colleges. I hardly read tutorials or guide.

What I did is observe and went through trial-and-error process. If you are really into portrait drawing, people surround you (or yourself) are the best reference to observe/study. At the same time, DA is quite a large library for portrait art. So take your time and look at their arts! :D

Adobe Photoshop is not really a difficult art software. Not as difficult as 3D software. All you need is some trial-and-error. Explore around, play around and soon you will get the feel of it. As you progress, you will automatically discover new things, whether by accident or coincidence.

Q10: What took you so long to complete one art?
A: I don't really like to rush things out. In fact, I love to take my own sweet time to draw. Or at times, I put the artwork aside for a while and do other stuffs/projects like video editing. But I don't simply ditch just like that, I usually saved it as JPEG (the incomplete version) and then open up just take a few glimpses so the urge to complete it remain "intact" in your memory.

I always believe that you may see your art differently in different days. Sometimes you may inadvertently spot the awkwardness the next day although you can't see them yesterday.  

Okay, for now. That's all I can think. If there's anything you need to ask or things that I left out, feel free to put in. I will update from time to time if there's any. Thanks! :D
Yay! My first journal in 2011 and yes, I need some help from you guys!

Okay, okay.. first thing first, hope it's not too late to wish but HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! To those who believe in making resolution, I wish good luck, all the best and may your wish come true before end of year. :D

So, back to my journal.

While drawing Yuna, her costume was actually simple to draw, not until I reached to draw her waist part (I dunno what it called) whereby the designs are extremely detailed with flowery patterns. Unfortunately when I tried to google around (or used my stockpile reference), I can't really see the details properly due to their low-res nature. Even the old official wallpaper was small and still, I can't see her waist properly (covered by the arm)

Now, I hope you guys could help me on this especially those who did before Yuna cosplay. Any high res pictures that I can refer to? Most importantly I can see the details of her waist.

If you have any, please provide me the link of the image or send to my email:

Your help is much appreciated and will be credited accordingly!

Thank you. :D
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It is so fast that the time flies by and now it's already end of the year! :XD:

Anyway, I would like to wish everybody Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! So how you guys will be celebrating?

My case, it's kinda sucks that both festive days fall on non-working day (I don't work on Saturday)... I mean, when comes to festive celebration, you'll be expecting something like one-day off, making your work time in a week shorter than usual? How I wished my company would understand and gives us a break, unfortunately they don't seem to get a hint. It's like, "well, too bad for you... It's not that I the one who arrange that date to be there.." T.T

Regardless, I still don't care. Although I'm now in the office, I still declare today is my unofficial holiday! So I will do less work and laze around till the end of time! Muahahahaha!!! *Evil strikes back*.

Ah.. So, a little update for my artwork.

Okay, I think it's enough of hint... let me gives you the answer straight about my next artwork. :D

The song Suteki Da Ne (translated as "Isn't It Wonderful" is definitely strongly related to both Tidus and Yuna. So since I will be unlike to draw male at that moment, it is clearly the answer will be... haha :D

This time, I'm gonna take my time doing this. Whether or not it's gonna turn up good, I still not quite sure because it's quite challenging and different(for me). I'm gonna draw her in lying pose... which if you need to take a good look at her face, you would need to tilt your head (or the artwork).

And her hair, it's gonna be different too. I plan to do it more natural (and probably beyond recognizable) like hair scattering around. And trust me, it's quite difficult to achieve. Positioning of hair strains can either determine the sexiness of her face or you may screw it up. It took me a few tries to cater my satisfaction, and till now, I still haven't got it yet. So if I reach to my maximum patience and I still haven't got it right... I hope you do understand that ^^;

Anyway, that's all for now and till then, Merry Christmas once again and Happy New Year! Those who celebrate with gift exchange, I hope you guys got the one you wished for! :D
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