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Poster Drawing: SLEEPLESS by lyzeravern Poster Drawing: SLEEPLESS by lyzeravern
So I thought of drawing something different this time.

Despite my accomplishment for able to draw realistic portrait, I realize that there is one thing I'm currently lacking - Speed. For the past few artworks, normally I would took at least one month plus to complete. Simply because I wanted to make my drawing to be as realistic as possible. However, this turns out to be a set back sometimes. People might think it was a photo and couldn't be bothered for that reason. 

This time, I tried to speed up my artwork process and make it less perfect, more like digital painting. It worked as I only took about 5 days for 2 pieces of artwork. Usually I took about one month plus just to complete one.

Another thing I explored in this artwork was drawing the heavy colour filtered photos. It was a tough challenge as it really took a lot try and error to see which colour in the palette suits the outcome. Nevertheless, I was satisfied with the end result! :D

SLEEPLESS was a short film was directed by the talented Dickson Ng and produced by Superwonderful Films in Malaysia, about a man who suffered severe insonmiadue to the regretful, terrible past incident that haunted him. The film also starred by my friend, Shawn Loong and the lead female actress, Jasmine Lee. This poster drawing was inspired from this short film as I like the way they put the colored lighting. Very Wong Kar-Wai-ish and artsy. :D

You can watch the full video here:… or the fan-edited version by me:

Drawing Program & Tools Used:
- Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended
- Wacom Intuos Draw Tablet
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