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Portrait Drawing: Janice Man by lyzeravern Portrait Drawing: Janice Man by lyzeravern
Yay, 1st artwork for this year! :D

As mentioned in my latest journal, I have drawn 3 girls from different nationalities: China, Korea and Japan. So this time, I am featuring an actress from Hong Kong. Basically I didn't know her existence until I watch the movie called Helios. Her character in the movie as a deadly assassin seem convincing to my standard though there were certain part where she looked kinda cute for a deadly assassin LOL. Anyway, I'm not so familiar with any of the Hong Kong actresses around... so I just simply pick one which I encountered recently. As I browsed her photos on Google, I found out that she is one of the Hong Kong pseudo-models, which Angelababy is also another famous one. So between Janice Man and Angelababy, I decided to go for Janice since I personally felt she looks more beautiful than the latter.

Choosing the best reference photo for Janice Man is quite challenging. I figure that she has "different faces" that I couldn't determine which photo is featuring her exactly. If you Google search based on her name, you can see she has 2 distinctive faces: 1. Her 'rock-star' look where she has brunette hair, thin & slanting eyebrow, 'wild' expression and often wear teenage/party type of outfits; 2. her 'innocent, decent cute look' where she has black hair, thick and broad eyebrows, happy-go-lucky expression and often fashioned herself in elegant style. After much consideration, I go for her 2nd look since I like to draw girls in that style compare the first one.

In this artwork, I put less focus on her clothing. Instead, I put more effort on her hair and face. I honestly like her soft long hair so I took quite a while to draw her hair as close as the actual photo especially on how her hair flows and the shape. Her face, though it is easy as you look but when I try to replicate her alluring look... it ain't easy as her face in the reference photo is quite fair, therefore the face features (shadow and lighting) are not clearly visible. I have been touching up for god-knows how many times until the final result.  

After 2 months (include procrastination), I have finally completed the artwork! I hope you guys will like it. :)

So who's gonna be for the next artwork? At the moment, I am seriously has no clue who to draw but I suppose the next one will be a Taiwanese girl? Well, let's see later!

Till then, see ya!

Material Used:
Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended
Wacom Intuos Draw

- Janice Man from Hong Kong
- Photo reference credit to Double H Photography (
n2n44 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2016
what a stunning portrait of a stunning woman :)
bechedor79 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm excited to see your next piece if it's going to be a Taiwanese girl! I wonder if I'll recognize her since I used to know more of the famous Taiwanese stars a few years ago, but I don't really know any newer ones.
AnonAegis Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2016  Student General Artist
My lord o.o ... You just keep getting better and better.
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