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The newest up to date progress of my artworks! :D

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Potential artworks/cosplays from other artists around DeviantArt!



Portrait Drawing: Liza Soberano
Hope Elizabeth "Liza" Soberano is a Filipino-American model and actress who ranked 1st in The Independent Critics' 2017 list of “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces”.

And I can see why the critics put her on top of the list. If you see her photos everywhere, you can't deny she had the natural beauty regardless she puts on a makeup or not. Not only she has a beautiful face, she's also has a undeniably beautiful smile (go Google around and see for yourself!). I can see Liza is a versatile model-actress as she can transform herself from being the "girl next door", a nerdy student to a elegant, stunning, mesmerizing, beautiful lady.

For this time, I decided not to refer a photo which taken from modelling studio. In fact, the photo I referred to was based on random photo in the hotel, in which she posted on her Instagram. In that photo, her face was less on make-up and she only wore a decent black jean jacket. One thing I like about her is that she don't usually wear provocative clothes. Most of the time, she wear less revealing clothes and often casual ones. Her beautiful face alone is enough to superseded everything else. xD

Anyway, this is one of the shortest time need to complete the artwork - about 20 hours plus (with some procrastination, as usual). I gotta admit that my patience these days is diminishing and I prefer to draw less complicated subject haha. Nevertheless, the number of attention I put into an artwork is still there but it's not as meticulous as the previous ones. Still, I hope you guys like this artwork! :D

Drawing Program & Tools Used:
- Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended
- Wacom Intuos Draw Tablet

Reference & Drawing Timelapse video:…

Kingdom Hearts: Aqua
To those who felt that this artwork seems familiar, yes, you are right! It is actually an old artwork but with major modification this time!

Previously, Aqua in this artwork was modeled after a Russian model girl with permission. Since my agreement with her has been expired, sadly I have to remove the previous artwork. But seeing it is kind of waste and this artwork used to gain a lot of fans favourite, I didn't want to give it up just like that and so I have made a huge modification on it.

So what I did is redraw her face without any model reference, just straight up from my head. At the same time, I made some changes on her outfits - to make them as accurate as the real one (with some references from few Kingdom Hearts game screenshots).

Then of course, I changed the background and the title as well!

What do you think? Hope you like it! =)

Drawing Program & Tools Used:
- Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended
- Wacom Intuos Draw Tablet

- Screenshots from Kingdom Hearts series, featuring Aqua
Final Fantasy X : Yuna
[Edited on 13 Jan 2018]
After 7 years since I posted this art, I finally managed to make Yuna looked more like... well, Yuna! In this change, I rework her hair to resemble Yuna's version and refine some parts of the details. The next change is basically her breasts part, making them less bustier. Lastly, I readjust the color to less saturation and increase the brightness. Hope you guys like the changes :D

[Edited on 27 Feb 2011]
Some minor edit on necklace and hair parts. Thanks to mdotts and Fiveonthe for pointing them out :D

Yay! Finally the weekend is here (yup, based on my time zone) and it's submission time for my latest Yuna artwork! :D

The title of this artwork is called "Suteki Da Ne" (translate as Isn't It Wonderful?), pretty straightforward though I wrote it in Japanese character (LOL, I actually google translate it). I tried writing it in english, but it sounds weird for a title since there will be question mark at the end. I'm not sure about writing in Japanese, whether there will be question mark or not... but I realized the song title somehow they did not include it. Or they also don't want their title to look weird? LOL. Whatever it is, here I present to you "Suteki Da Ne" artwork.

In this artwork, basically I want to focus the details more on Yuna herself. Which is why I made a decision to put beach background instead. I once thought of drawing Macalania lake during night time, but I figure that the lighting may not be suitable. I briefly tested dark background, and I come to conclusion that day background will be more suitable and she would look more radiant.

Pyreflies, thanks to those who have suggested, I have included some of the pyreflies inside the artwork. In fact, since pyreflies very much represents FFX and Yuna herself, I did have the intention of putting them in. And, I'm very happy with the results coming out. I thought it's gonna be difficult but after some random tries, I manage to produce them. It may be not accurate as the real one in game, but at least I can say it's my own version? :XD:

Let's talk about Yuna!

Once again, I used Saaya Irie as the reference model. But the reason I used her again is more particularly because she's Asian and Yuna is definitely modelled after Asian people. Furthermore, she speaks english in Asian slang right?

Come to costumes, after searching through the net, I realize her costume's reference was the most difficult to find compare to others I drew before. I know they are abundance everywhere but to get high res images are certainly the most difficult. First of all, before HD technology come in, the game was modelled after 480p resolution and their official wallpapers back then are 1024x764 the highest unlike these years, you can obtain their high res picture easily everywhere.

But thanks very much to my fellow DeviantArt watchers who suggested me a few useful links for reference. LOL, sometimes I find it funny that I seems like doing cosplaying for myself too with all those close research around. In fact, I used to have a thought of cosplaying for myself but unfortunately I don't know how to sew or find suitable materials around my place. Furthermore, my country here somewhat not so popular in cosplaying. They have a few but I can see most of them just do it in events or convention. Not like how I see in DA, that most of them do it during their weekends outdoor and take good photos with their poses and costumes.

The obvious difficult part in her costume is the Obi part at her waist and the hibiscus. If you look carefully especially the hibiscus, I actually did the overall design before manually resize and adjust to fit her waist position. The difficulty comes when you have to make them looked 3D otherwise it looks like a paper cutting paste on her body LOL :XD:

So, here there you go! Now that I presented you guys the new artwork, I hope you guys like it. You may use this as your personal wallpaper but please do not use it for the purpose to photomanipulate, alter or whatsoever without my permission. I will be more appreciate that you seek my permission first because all these are done with hardwork for 2 months.

Enjoy! :D

[Edit 27 Feb 2011] - Some minor edit on necklace and hair parts. Thanks to mdotts and Fiveonthe for pointing them out :D

Material Used:
Adobe Photoshop CS4
Wacom Graphire 4

- Saaya Irie - Japanese Bikini Model
- Several screenshots and wallpapers released by Square Enix, game magazines etc
- Cosplay reference site:… ,… ,…

Special Thanks for suggesting good links and advices for Yuna costume:
Epsilon86 artisticpsyco mdotts Endless-Fantasy-Art Usagi-Baka

Character Design: Tetsuya Nomura © SQUARE ENIX CO. LTD
Portrait Drawing: Savvy Taylor
Watch the drawing timelapse:… :D =)

Seems that this will be my last digital drawing for the year 2017. As usual because of my procrastination, it took me like 6 months plus to complete the whole drawing. But in fact it only took me about 40+ hours to draw the whole thing.

For the past few digital portraits, I have been drawing Oriental girls. So, this time I have decided to make a new move by drawing portrait of a female model from the United States. It was a random search on the internet when I stumbled onto Savvy Taylor's photo and I found she is perfect for new challenge - someone in sexy pose and wear a jeans jacket.

The drawing process wasn't too difficult. Probably because I'm already used to draw a portrait. The best part I have developed some new technique on how to make the hair more realistic than before, though I still need to improve more. The jeans part was quite difficult at first. But later on I decided not to put in too much of details (otherwise it consumes a lot of time) but rather I try to create a sort of illusion to make the jean seems real from a distance.

I hope you guys like the new drawing.


Till then, see you guys again next year! :D

Drawing Program & Tools Used:
- Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended
- Wacom Intuos Draw Tablet

- Savvy Taylor from U.S.A
- Reference photo by Robby Mueller:…


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Lester Chong
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
All the artworks you have seen in this gallery are drawn with Adobe Photoshop and Wacom Graphire 4 tablet pen. If you wondering where I got the drawing skills from, it was all self-taught. I didn't attend any graphic or art school. Everything you see here are all learned by myself. I learn how to use Photoshop by simply try and error on the tools and other features. If I wasn't sure on how to achieve certain effect, I go around Google or YouTube and look for tutorials. Sometimes, I do consult some of my friends who have experience with Photoshop.

Find it hard to believe? LOL. In fact, a lot people when they see my artwork, they couldn't believe that I drawn them by myself. But it happened anyway =P. So if you guys out there want to be a great artist, always believe in yourself that you can do it. And, don't be discourage when your friends did not believe that you can draw! :D


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Hello everyone and hope you guys will be having a great year ahead!

It's been a year since I updated my last journal. And today I would like to introduce you my new YouTube channel called Arts of Realism (Link:…).

Basically the videos in this YouTube channel will be featuring Work In Progress of my digital portraits (mostly the latest ones). These videos are to dedicate for those who are eager to find out how I did the drawing from zero to its completion. Or, to those who still disbelieve or doubt that I did draw it from scratch (which many of my friends and work colleagues thought so XD).

I hope you guys like it and in future, I will be uploading more videos so you'll get more inspired. So be sure to subscribe my YouTube channel! =)

So, what will be my next or future artwork?

Honestly I am still figuring out on what should I do for the next artwork. Initially I thought of drawing females of different ethnics. But then again, I still haven't got the inspiration/motivation to do so.

Let's wait and see. Perhaps some time in few weeks/months, I might have new inspiration. I always tell myself not to force yourself to draw one if I am not inspired. The outcome will not be as pleased as those with full of inspiration.

So until I have the idea on what to draw next, see ya again! :D


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It's May 12th which means it's that time of the year again and your special day is here! We hope you have an awesome day with lots of birthday fun, gifts, happiness and most definitely, lots of cake! Here's to another year!

Many well wishes and love from your friendly birthdays team :love:


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