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Hello my dear subscribers! Hug 
I love you for your support and attention to my work with all my heart !
Finally, Kira and I have made this project!
Thank you very much for donations.
Everyone who supported me with money will receive HD files from the photo session! (within a month)

We did it! Thank you all for your patience!

And now I'm starting to collect a new nude photoshoot for the Witcher!

You can support me at PeyPal: shani-red-heart@rambler.ru

Or become my patron! www.patreon.com/ladalyumos

My other social networks:

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How could I support you to obtain the HD photos? Your masterpieces of Keira are fascinating and very impressive!
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I love your Keira photos; no-one cosplays as her, and she's such a cute character! I prefer to see your amazing costumes, but you're a very beautiful lady, and I will never pass up such lovely nudes. :heart: I just want you to know that there is at least one person out here who loves the effort and attention to detail that you put into all of your costumes, and now lingerie! Is there anything you can't do?? [swoon]

I'm pleased to support you on Patreon, sweetie~
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LyumosStudent Artist
Thank you! I really love my costumes and put my soul into them! I am very pleased to hear this! You're so kind )
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X42ABN6Hobbyist Artist
Can't wait to receive the HD files ╮(╯▽╰)╭
But... how? Should I leave a msg or something?
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LyumosStudent Artist
Today I sent all the files) Check your mail
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Beautiful new Keira set. It was really worth the wait and I can't decide which picture I like best. They are all fantastic.
Will definitely continue to support you on patreon (another username there).
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LyumosStudent Artist
Thank you, lovely)
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the set was amazing! You and Kira did a fantastic job :D
I can't donate any money at the moment, but I get paid soon so I definitely shall, I may even be able to rejoin your Patreon :D
I cannot wait to receive the HD files :)
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LyumosStudent Artist
Thank you *J*
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