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Tifa Lockhart - Final Fantasy 7

Character  Tifa lockhartLocation  Final Fantasy VII
Tifa Lockhart by me (Lada Lyumos)

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Really nice! mmmhm! :):)

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Tifa Lockheart is one of my all time cosplay favorites!!!

Hi, do you sell this set somewhere? Hopeso!

Better than that graphic girl

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Did you thought That Tifa from Final Fantasy and Faith from Mirror's Edge it's looks Suspiciously Similar?
Lyumos's avatar

Really? Never thougt they look similar :o now I'll be thinking abt it

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Awesome Tifa xxx

farenellphoto's avatar
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You look terrific as Tifa, love how the shirt fits over you. You should do a version where she's sweaty, always find that sexy. 
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The shirt is indeed superfluous.


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Nice cosplay!  Very accurate!
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People all over the world are fascinated  Gif by Emoxynha  Gif by Emoxynha  Gif by Emoxynha
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so wonderful three shoots of "Tifa" , very sexy
well done :clap::D
Yogin-Sothoth's avatar

Too many clothes XD

Cloudyou lucky bastard! )
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Not sure if its just me thinking have your lady bumps got a bit large since some of your earlier stuff ?  :happybounce:  

Lyumos's avatar

You are attentive! Yes, I told about it at my Q'n'A video =)

Look if it's interesting for you

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Awww, they were cute (and so is the rest of you, btw). But, the new ones...


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Ok thanks must have good DR as not cut line's under side. Nothing worse than a bad boob job not that I have ever had a G/F with a pair that has had work done on them. Was cheeky to ask and is good that you do not get pissed off. When asked I just noticed they looked a bit bigger.

I was into ladies from very young age as a kid. lol
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