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Metal Gear Solid Quiet cosplay

Quiet - EXCLUSIVE set in November! 
Partly available from "My Wizard" tier and fully available from "My King"
NSFW Photos included! All photos at HQ. 
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Quiet - me (Lada Lyumos)
Photo Kira photoarts

I will be glad to see you at my socials…
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Nice metal gear cosplay :)

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Beautifully done.

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She is saying "Where is that McDonald's? The map said it is right here!"

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She says nothing. She can't speak.

I see the military is saving money on women's uniforms! We all have to sacrifice for freedom!

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She can't wear clothes because she is severely damaged and won't be able to breathe.
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Quiet's mutation left her only one uniform X)

Wow! Thank goodness she is beautiful!

The soldiers in her unit are so grateful women are allowed to be in combat!

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Nah, they are distrustful to her.

Then they are idiots! And gay!

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Well, she was working for enemy organisation and almost killed Punished Snake, their boss and comrade. So not really...

She still has not earned their trust?

Sexy and terrifying. Hate to be on the receiving end of that look. :D Great cosplay.

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omg thank you THANK YOU

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My God I love your boobs :love:

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Refreshingly NOT-Joosten.

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Such determination in your look...

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