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Ciri by Lada Lyumos

Ciri from Witcher series - EXCLUSIVE set in March! 
Partly available from "My Wizard" tier and fully available from "My King"
NSFW Photos included! All photos at HQ. 
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Ciri: Lada Lyumos cosplay
Bath Mistress: Miwaerling
Photo: Kira photoarts
Costume: by Narga

I will be glad to see you at my socials…
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this fucking photo messes with my mind every time is see it XD like, it 100% has a painting vibe to the point that there's a part of my brain that refuses to acknowledge it as a photo. it's that bloody well done!

Vandal030's avatar

Awesome photo, well done.

michadr's avatar

Do you do commissions?

9876789's avatar

i like the mood in this picture

I can kiss you for that 😘

Leroi123's avatar

Beautiful drawing/rendering. So intimate.

neal110586's avatar
fireforeffect's avatar

You might be the most beautiful woman alive.

Opeyboy21's avatar
Moist!!! I 😗🤗😝
kaze26's avatar

Marvelous and gorgeous

Musical-Euphoria's avatar
Lovely mistress is here to awaken Ciri's curiosities.
StreetRealityPhotogr's avatar

Ace bandages have never looked so good!

Binarystar99's avatar

It is ok if the soap slips...

valegera's avatar

@Pistaccio do you like this one?

Pistaccio's avatar

Oh my, yes. Very much. I love Ciri and this is amazing depiction.❤️

321dustybin's avatar

Here Here, Nice toned body.

Noirhart's avatar

For those hard to reach places, one need a helping hand.. or two 🖤

LivingIsTheDream's avatar

Hoping you may post some nudity ;-)

Whilakers's avatar

Absolutely GORGEOUS shot! Well done to all involved!

The sexy bath scene we should have got in the game. They let you, playing Ciri, declare that she prefers girls but then they don't let you make good on that - while you can kiss the stable boy. I was disappointed.

Dragonmao77's avatar

Such beautiful love 💕💕

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