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Starman by Lytrigian Starman :iconlytrigian:Lytrigian 10 3 Coco and Doppelganger by Lytrigian Coco and Doppelganger :iconlytrigian:Lytrigian 11 4 My name... by Lytrigian My name... :iconlytrigian:Lytrigian 9 5
Curtain Time
Koschei the Deathless poured some zavarka into his glass, topping it up with boiled water from the samovar. "It's that time of year again, my dear."
"Indeed," replied Baba Yaga. "Where have you stowed your heart this turn?"
"I did the usual needle-in-a-duck-egg. So absurd! I must laugh even as I expire. And what of you? You are freer than I. Shall you help or hinder?"
"Hinder, methinks," said the witch, sipping her tea. "If I help too much they stop respecting me."
"A wise choice," replied Koschei. "We must never lose their respect."
A young man’s voice sounded from outside. "Izbushka, izbushka! Stan' k lesu zadom, ko mne peredom!"
The hut stopped spinning. "That means I must be going," said Koschei. "Good fortune to you, my dear."
"And to you as well, my love.  Let us make an interesting tale of it!"
Koschei vanished as the prince cautiously entered.
:iconlytrigian:Lytrigian 6 7
Triple Reed
The Reed 1 book for Kiss Me Kate called for her to triple on clarinet, alto sax, and flute. That was no problem. She was a good reed player, and could even have quadrupled on piccolo had the musical director asked. The problem was that goddamn horn player sitting right behind her, whose lip always gave out halfway through Act II. If there was one thing that grated on her nerves more than anything else, it was a pitchy horn. Community theater being what it was, there was nothing the musical director was going to do about it either.
That night she brought her piccolo case anyway. Halfway through Act II she opened it. There was no piccolo inside, but the Beretta felt good in her hand.
:iconlytrigian:Lytrigian 3 2
Sleeping Coco by Lytrigian Sleeping Coco :iconlytrigian:Lytrigian 12 20
Ren Faire California
Sung to the tune of "Hotel California"
On a dull Marin highway,1
Hot wind in my hair,2
Warm smell of privy gas3
Risin' up through the air,
Up ahead at the off-ramp,
I turned aside on a lark.
The air grew dusty and my sight grew dim.4
I paid five dollars to park.5
As I stood in the gateway,
I heard the hawkers yell.6
And I was thinkin' to myself
That there's a good chance that this could be Hell.
Then they sold me a ticket,
and they pointed the way.
There were voice on their radios,7
I could hear them say...
Welcome to the Ren Faire California!
Such a dusty place (such a dusty place)
Such a dirty face.
Bring plenty of cash to the Ren Faire California.8
For six weeks a year,
You can find it here.9
Their minds are Tudor half-timbered.
Their accents are just pretend.
They've got a lot of pretty, pretty boys,
The Faire calls "Friends".10
And they dance on the Main Stage,
Black velvet sweat.11
They dance to remember.
They drink to forget.12
So I called at the a
:iconlytrigian:Lytrigian 1 7
An Eon of Remorse by Lytrigian An Eon of Remorse :iconlytrigian:Lytrigian 7 4 Congratulations by Lytrigian Congratulations :iconlytrigian:Lytrigian 9 0
Freak Summer Storm
The wind it came upon our quarter
speeding us across the water.
No cloud could we see in the sky
As swiftly eastward we did fly.
The Cardiff Rose's hold was heavy,
With the tribute seized in levy
From any ship we could board on,
Be it pinnace, be it galleon.
So back to England we were sailing,
when from aloft there came a-hailing:
"Attend, O Captain! Hear this now!
A merchantman doth cross our bow!"
Upon the poop the Captain paced,
a wolfish grin upon his face.
His eye grew bright, his heart grew bold,
For on the wind he scented gold.
From his perch the lookout called once more.
"They show the flag of their home shore.
The ensign 'pon that ship of fools:
On field argent, a cross of gules!"
Our Captain looked to the clear blue sky,
"No English colors meet my eye!
This fog so thick, this day so dark,
Methinks that be a Spanish barque!
"Put out more sail! Prepare the guns!
Stretch out her legs and make her run!
For though much wealth is in our hold,
I'll have that ship, and
:iconlytrigian:Lytrigian 9 7
The Ceilidh
"Ian!" His father's voice held the same note of irritation it always did when preparing for a family gathering. Something about Highland dress brought out the strictness of his Scottish forebears. "We're leaving! Get down here now!"
"I'll be right there!"
Sheesh, thought Ian Douglass. It's not like the whole family's ever on time for this thing. He pushed his leather hairband down to his nose, then back up underneath his shaggy bangs so they were lifted up away from his eyes. So far he'd successfully resisted his mother's demands for a back-to-school haircut. With any luck he always would. And these days he had plenty of luck ― as long as he used it wisely.
He looked down at the little plant spirit that had followed him home from the woods a week ago. The leaflike appendages on its head flapped as it bounced up and down on his bed. "Sorry, Pookie. I can't bring you today."
"♪! ♪?"
"It's just that Granaidh will be there. She... well, she
:iconlytrigian:Lytrigian 6 22
Mature content
The Secret Oasis :iconlytrigian:Lytrigian 8 18
Colder than Ice, Part 2
Colder than Ice, Hotter than Flame
Part 2
The cuts on Kit's face healed slowly as such things go for him, but they were mostly gone by the end of the day. That evening we made it as far as the first of the lodges built along the pass to shelter traders after each stage of the week-long journey. It was shut for the winter, but easy enough to break into. There was no fuel, but neither of us had any qualms about breaking up the furniture and we soon had a blaze roaring in the common room fireplace.
Kit cooked up a decent meal from our rations, so the first part of the night was fairly pleasant. It was marred only by his silence. He had hardly spoken two words since the tollhouse. He responded with warmth to any affectionate gesture on my part and would answer briefly if I spoke to him, but was otherwise withdrawn.
Snow fell very heavily that night. A strong wind came with it, blowing the draft back down the chimney and filling the room with smoke, forcing us to douse the fir
:iconlytrigian:Lytrigian 5 5
Mature content
Colder than Ice, Part 1 :iconlytrigian:Lytrigian 6 9
Barbaric Treatment
Late summer, 2261 AURC
The noontide sun gleamed off Hrothgar the Northman’s rippling thews, and his shaggy mane of golden hair shone. The cheap tunic he wore could not conceal the hard, rangy lines of his frame as he stood astride the path through the narrow pass he had made his own.
Voices reached his ears; ears that, although attuned to the clash and clangor of battle, had never been deafened by the clatter and bustle of what men called civilization and so remained alert to the slightest threat: the padded footfall of the wolf, or the quiet hiss of a blade drawn from its sheath. But these were careless voices, chattering and laughing, heedless of the peril that loomed before them in the barbarian’s mighty person. His grip tightened upon the hilts of the sword which he held before him, its point resting upon the stony earth; and his nostrils flared in fierce anticipation.
Up the slope before him they came: Two youths walking side by side. The one was tall and well-bui
:iconlytrigian:Lytrigian 87 79
Mature content
The Shadow Duke :iconlytrigian:Lytrigian 3 11

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I got tagged on this by KaizenKitty. I suppose I should do it, but it's a little embarrassing. I have bits and pieces of more stories on my hard drive than I have posted here, but I haven't actually finished anything in years. So I'm not sure how useful this will be. I do have every intention of continuing Tales of the Tempest; I just have no idea when I'll find the spare time and energy.

I'm also not too sure who I'll tag. I might resort to selecting victims at random from the Lit forum.

In obedience to The Rules, I hereby begin with The Rules:

1) Post these rules
2) Post 8 facts about one of your own characters
3) Tag 8 other people

Kitaro is the protagonist of my Tales of the Tempest fantasy series; a preternaturally strong qi-wielding martial artist. Here's a pic of him I commissioned together with his partner Tamarick, at Tamarick's favorite off-hours activity.
Drunken Cuddle by Squeedz
Kitaro is the one on the left, and Tamarick has had a few too many. So here we go.

1) As you can see, Kitaro is short. Most people would look short next to Tamarick, but in real-world measures Kitaro is maybe a shade over 145 cm. (4'9" to 4'10" in American measures.) It's the main way in which he's physically dissatisfied with himself as it doesn't match the image he'd like to project, especially given #6 below. It makes him feel somehow unworthy.

2) Kit (as he usually expects to be called by friends) is not himself drunk in this picture. It's impossible for him to get drunk. As part of his training he was taught how to use his control over qi to expel poisons and toxins from his body, and his teacher used distilled spirits as an easy toxin to practice with. Expelling toxins, especially alcohol, has therefore become reflexive for him. While he can suppress that reflex if he chooses and so enjoy his drink, once he gets a little buzz on his mind wanders and it kicks back in again.

By the same token he's immune to most poisons, although he might well be harmed by a sufficiently fast-acting one he'd never experienced before.

3) Kit is a former prince of an ancient but very small royal house, the youngest of six children. "Former" because he was disowned and expelled by his father as a teenager for the
lèse-majesté of taking another boy, of the lower classes but his lifelong best friend, as a lover. For the same offense, his boyfriend was executed before his eyes. Although he didn't comport himself at all poorly then, and he grasps on an intellectual level that there was nothing he could have done about it at the time, he can't avoid feelings of shame and guilt over it. This occasionally leads him into impulsive, foolish acts of bravery that probably would have gotten anyone else killed.

3a) My username is based on Kit's family name, which I have never yet had occasion to mention in any of the stories.

4) He's of mixed race. His mother was from a vast island nation scattered across the shallow sea to the east called Hachido, known as the Silk Islands to most in his home country. His father's royal house was originally of a Mediterranean-type stock which had migrated to the northern mountains many generations previously. They typically bear names we would perceive as vaguely Arthurian, but alone among the five male children Kit was named by his mother. (Since Kit was born prematurely by about six weeks, his father considered him a runt and couldn't be bothered.) The marriage was a political one arranged by Kit's grandfather, and there was no love between his parents, particularly after Kit was disowned.

5) Even before he learned how to use his power effectively, he was much more capable than his size would lead anyone to expect, partly by ordinary martial arts training for which he's enormously talented and partly by instinct. Without doing so on purpose he tended to view his surroundings through wind and air-related metaphors, a mode of thought that helped him greatly when he finally understood what he was doing. Movement of qi is governed by the same laws the drive the winds, so an important part of his power is the ability to see wind -- and related phenomena, such as the qi of others -- when he so chooses. By observing how a pattern of wind develops and is driven, on large scales or small, he gains insight into how to manipulate qi.

6) Kit's master hails from a large empire east of Hachido, occupying the continent on the other side of the sea. He was himself the greatest fighter in recorded memory of his people. When the time came to settle down to a life of teaching, he decided that to also be the greatest teacher he must train up a student who could surpass him. To find this student he consulted an oracle, which sent him to search out a country far across the sea to the west. What the oracle didn't tell him, in punishment for his hubris, is that he would have to wait seven generations for that student to appear.

However, by the time he turned 200, he understood what he had done to himself and resigned himself to his just desserts.

This does make Kit, in a sense, a cliché "chosen one". But what he's been chosen for, he has no idea. His master's longevity has certain implications for his own natural lifespan.

7) Tamarick -- whose name Kit automatically shortened to "Tam" when they met -- and Kit are very much in love and each would readily give his life up for the other. This is in spite of, or perhaps because of, their very different personalities. Tam is practical. Without being excessively greedy, he's careful about money. If there are decisions to be made about finding mercenary work or arranging for winter lodging or clothing or equipment purchases, Tam makes them, and with careful forethought and deliberation. On the other hand, Kit has no head for keeping track of money, is content to get by with a minimum of preparation apart from what has been trained into him, is given to snap decisions, and is so un-self-conscious that he's been known to forget to dress in the morning. They work very well together.

8) Because of his height and youthful demeanor and appearance, Kit is often mistaken for a young boy, particularly before he becomes well-known. He finds this annoying when he wants to be taken seriously. Even Tam mistook him when they first met, an impression Kit corrected by throwing Tam several yards into the woods. He's happy to take advantage of it when it suits him though. Enemies frequently underestimate him. Aware that no one ever pays attention to boys working as messengers and servants and the like, he can be a very effective spy because he can make himself virtually unnoticeable.

Now for the tags. My apologies to those who would rather not be bothered, or who have already been tagged for one of these.

1. leothefox
2. Steve-C2
3. NineFireStar
4. Hestia-Edwards
6. LizzyChrome
7. HeroofEnelios
8. TheWorldIllustrated



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You never appreciate just how many tiny, niggling, dicky little settings there are on a phone until the day comes when you have to reset it to factory settings and re-download all your apps, and there are suddenly about 157 ways the fucking thing no longer works the way you expect.
There needs to be a name for that thing where you navigate away from a page with a bookmark or something, only just at the moment it's blanked out to render the new page you notice something interesting in a sidebar, and you want to go back to it so you click on the Back button, only the page was generated from a script and for some stupid reason it doesn't put the interesting link back up.

Because I do that literally all the fucking time.
And now I feel bloated. I also may be a tad drnuk.
My new wallpaper. Screencap from the livestream of Starman in orbit, launched by SpaceX's Falcon Heavy today.


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