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December 8, 2007
The torture portrayed in :lag: by ~Link3Kokiri strikes close to the heart of pretty much everyone on these here intertubes. The expressions, animation, every tiny detail from the hands to the helicopter blade loop mark this emoticon as a masterpiece of the genre.
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Don't ya just hate lag?

This is one emote I've always been meaning to make, but haven't done till now because I never really knew how to go about emoting the idea. It's a lot like one of my first emotes, :typo:. I used the same chair and computer cause it's nice to see what I can do now in comparison to when I started making these little emotive buggers.

By now I've made so many angry, spazzy emotes you'd think I myself flip out like this at my comp.

Well no, I don't 8D THAT WOULD COST A LOT! I just love messing as much as I can these days with emotes :lmao:

Hope you all like it! I hate myself for starting something that's supposed to be short, and it turns out taking nearly a whole week to finish. I'LL NEVER LEARN.

It runs really really smooth at times, so if you're looking at it via an IE browser, it'll likely be a lot more choppy compared to FireFox. Also, there's a part where I tried to get him to shout "COME ON!" incase you can't make it out. Lip-syncing an emote is tough >:/

Also, HOMFG! :library: <- ONE OF MY EMOTES ADDED TO THE OFFICIAL DA LEGEND *jumps for utter fricken joy*!!!!! :w00t:

EDIT: Here's a slightly slower version. But it'll at least not lag for anyone who's using IE -> [link]

For those of you who use zikeslist on dAmn, this one will be :lag: and the slower IE version will be :laggy:
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girl- ok sure can

you devinart in ios or ipad


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LAG-MASS eve, soon.
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I hate lags so much.
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Hahaha nice! xD
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omg i withdrew ur submission plz try again im sry idk wut it meant!
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I know you're probably tired of being spammed with comments on this, but this emote is truly hilarious and I laugh every single time I see it!!
Thanks for making it, it's great!
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this is really good, well done mate!
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This bullshit still happens to me with installs (non-digital downloaded ones) and windows updates.
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This is the best emote I've every seen! Absolutely fantastic! The whole scenario - one we have *all* experienced - plays out in precise and painful detail. It's incredible that you could get such a range of emotion out of an animation so small! Absolutely love it!
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bahahahahahah oh my god..this made me laugh XDDD
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this guy needs to figure out that all these computers were created to troll him
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Thanks a lot internet explorer.
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