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May 14, 2007
Buried in an avalanche of homework? Wishing you could emit a flash of pure light that would incinerate it all? :coursework: by =Link3Kokiri feels your pain with perfect animation and expressions.
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I'm sure the vast majority of you have all experienced what it's like to have too much coursework. Or even just homework.

Well this is exactly how I feel at the moment. Overworked, exhausted and a bit cranky. This is partly because I took two largely coursework themed subjects rather than one, which is the norm for most people. (aka: Technology and Art) And both deadlines are on the same day, so a huge barrage of panicking is going on to get it all finished cause it pretty much caught up with me near the end.

... Yes I reused a bit of my :powerup: emote for this. IS THUR A PROBLEM WITH THAT!?

BLargh. It all starts again this Monday too. Can't wait for summer.

Hope you all enjoy.
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Every artist in a nutshell -w-
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I have soo much work to do right now, I probably shouldn't be browsing Deviant Art but it's soo exhausting.
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You can do it.

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i feel this way today with busy workXD :lmao: nice job!!!!!
Lythero's avatar
T'is a terrible feelin :C
RukahTsubasa's avatar
SophiaFirata's avatar
So me at the moment lol. FAVING!
Lythero's avatar
Same here. Damn those deadlines
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Been there..done that a thousand times. Congrats with the big DD
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So. True. This'll probably be me next year. I must be insane, for my senior year of high school I'm going to have a full schedule. Though only 3.5/8 classes are actually academic (one is a semester long, hence the .5), it's still a bit crazy. I'm goin' extracurricular happy next year, haha. :P
Lythero's avatar
yikes D: good luck
PancakeOnBread's avatar
Thanks, heh, it probably won't be all too bad though... Hopefully. Good luck with whatever comes your way as well. :D
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Yes. :faint:

I am thankful that my finals this semester aren't TOO stressful . . . this month has worn me out. If anything my finals are a lot less foreboding than stuff earlier this year.
Lythero's avatar
I can imagine.

Good luck tho 8]
Blood-fantom's avatar's... different. but in a good way. good job!!!
WarthogDemon's avatar
I understand completely. :no:
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:lol: Brilliant! Sometimes I feel like that!
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Coursework = major suckage!
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