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September 3, 2013
:chairdance: by ~Lythero
The suggester said: "Its complete expression and animation is so full of joy that it really jumps out at the watcher. I always get a smile when watching this little fellow doing the chairdance."
Featured by SparklyDest
Suggested by TanteTabata
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Bah. This was requested TOO LONG AGO. And I said I could do it in a day x_x Why is it that busy things pop up JUST when I say something like that? The very next morning I realised that my A-level results came out. Much celebrating and busy university crap to do with accommodation followed that closely. So it's like. What. 5 days late? Anyways, this was requested by ^livius for the use of a website she's involved with.

She asked me to make an emote that's getting excited by something it sees on a forum on the internets. And thus, start dancing on the chair. So thar it be! Excited enough for you?

Despite the distractions, this one did still take a while to make. I'm trying to make my emotes faster and smoother with a regular frame rate of mostly 3 hundredths of a second. 326 frames in total. Probably took about 6 hours throughout this week, I reckon. Enjoy :D
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:chairdance: search on chairdance is work :)

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thats no work

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outrageously great!!!Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap 
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worth a shot.
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This is awesome. :iconflyingheartsplz: I'm four years late, but congrats on the DD on this - it's very well deserved! :la:
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this was literally me when i just joined deviant art xd
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Someone's had too much caffeine...
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Amazing work, love it! <3
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Omg, these bring back memories, too hilarious and adorable at the same time x' the long awaited moment to see if it actually works....wait, how does it go again, hmmm...:chairdance: 
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:chairdance: :chairdance: :chairdance: :chairdance: :chairdance: :chairdance: :chairdance: :chairdance: :chairdance:  Hey! It Worked!! :D
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This is adorable. XD
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that moment when your smile is so big it breaks your face and terrifies everyone ------->       Mus_smile.ogg 
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Wat, how to even

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Click add media, and search chair dance...
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I've only just seen this, so I had to pop by to say great, beautiful work Lythero, it made me chuckle today. thank you.
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Me when news about Pokemon: Z and new Super Smash Bros. DLC fighters comes out.
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When I get my first comment on a deviation: :chairdance: 
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Me every time I receive a commission. :chairdance: :chairdance: :chairdance: 
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