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I'm not dead! I just am very busy with lots of projects. :work: revamp 
My main focus at the moment is my screen accurate Gamora Cosplay for this years London Film and Comic Con.

I will post pics of WIP soon and once that is done I will continue with more 'normal' art ^^
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...Well maybe not, but don't ever stop believing that you can!
I love going to the gym and Body Attack classes, however I felt that I could 'nerd it up' a bit more.
So on a rainy bank holiday I made this t-shirt/tank top design:

Be awesome like the Avengers by Lythara

However I decided to share the love and made it available via Redbubble in a black or white version.
I also hope to offer it on other tee sites soon...but a bit too busy at the moment finishing my Black Widow (yes, still not done)

Anyway stay tuned and work out :D
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Pfew, I think I need another holiday season. January really made me hit the ground running.
Fortunately there is a small breathing space coming up which allows me...

  • To finish off my Black widow piece that has been sitting on my HD for a while now.
  • Upload a bucket load more of my old art onto DA, as the account is looking a bit sparse.
  • Make some new work - as I have a million ideas in my head
  • Book a holiday :)

So watch this space...

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There are times when you really want things to go right; exams, wedding days, driving tests etc. you get the idea.
Meeting Tom Hiddleston is in that list, because you don't bump into him every day.

So when I was along the red carpet in London at the Thor: The Dark World premiere I had the chance to take a picture with Tom.
Why for the love did I decide to hand him my phone and not my perfectly fine Nikon Coolpix that was dangling of my wrist.
I will put this down that his reply to me when I asked him for a picture of us was 'Of course darling'.
Anyway after I unleashed my Photoshop on the tiny blurry image (ok it was raining and he was also balancing a brolly) it turned out ok.

But I am still kicking myself .... :D

Tom and Me by Lythara
Tonight for dinner I have a steak and Guinness pie planned, as I was gathering my ingredients at Waitrose (UK supermarket chain) I saw this and started laughing. I tell you the way my mind sometimes works even surprises me at times.
To make a long story short, dinner is bubbling away in the oven and a GIF was created - apologies for my randomness!

Loki's Slippers
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The Disney Channel did a quick interview on set at The Dark World with Chris and Tom.
I lost it when I saw this many lols that it had to be created into a GIF :D

Loki's Slippers
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  • Drinking: Coke ... the good stuff with proper sugar :D
I'm currently in the process of art featuring Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) mixed with typography.
When I sketched the layout, I was quite looking forward to starting the digital painting. Now I am hating myself for it, I mean Scarlett is a beautiful woman and she looked stunning in the Avengers with her red hair, but bloody hell I am now slapping myself for thinking drawing her hair would be easy. But I am committed, this will be finished!

On a more happier note, my parcel with geeky t-shirts arrived from the States! Only 11.30 in customs fees, which isn't too bad.

*sigh* I better get on with more of Scarlett's hair....

Geeky Shirts by Lythara  Black Widow Sketch by Lythara
I was in two minds to buy the special edition cover of Empire Magazine, I like it - but was I willing to pay the insane eBay prizes?
However lady luck was on my side and for some strange reason I won this at a very good prize.

Then something else caught my eye and I was kind of intrigued by it. Tom Hiddleston autographs are easy to get, the guy must sign a 1000 pictures a day.
But I have never seen a card signed with his name and in brackets 'Loki' - which I thought was quite cute, almost like we needed a reminder who he was.

My bank account is not going to be happy with me this month

Empire Magazine - Limited Edition by Lythara   Tom Hiddleston - Autograph by Lythara
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  • Drinking: Coke ... the good stuff with proper sugar :D
A few weeks ago my Hot Toys Loki figure arrived - and as they don't come cheap I really wanted to display the figure but not have it covered in dust.
Although I clean my studio it does seem that the dust bunnies seem to find the place ^^

...Moving on, I had a custom case made and whilst that was produced I created a custom background and flooring for inside the case. This week the case arrived and last night I finally had the time (and willpower as I'm still suffering from a cold) to put it all together.

When finished my reaction was like this:


So behold the God of Mischief himself....

Hot Toys Loki 01 by Lythara    Hot Toys Loki 02 by Lythara
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I have a wonderful cold, don't know where this one came from but I'm feeling totally rubbish!
Even my attempts to draw Black Widow are failing miserably *sigh*

But my display case for my Hot Toys Loki has arrived .... only it is at the office. Which is where I'm not :(
I'm totally not having a good day, now pass me that box of tissues!
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Finally my Loki artwork reached a stage that I am happy with to call it 'finished'. Art is never finished and when I feel like it I might sharpen up his face and hands a bit more, but for now I'm cool with it!

I have now also uploaded a GIF with the artwork progression, hope it is useful for some peeps and I have also deleted the old artworks. Please request them via a PM if you want them put up.

However now it is time to do a new Loki project as I promised to illustrate a cool fanfic story...stay tuned :D
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Last Friday Loki arrived at my place ... well the Hot Toys figure did. Without doubt it is the coolest Hot Toys figure out there at the moment.
I must say the Batman and the Iron Man ones are awesome too, but this is just insane!
At the moment he is still tucked away in his box as I have a custom display case made for him, although I wanted to keep him in his box at first.
After seeing the figure I decided; This needs to be displayed, and the rest is history :D

Pics will be posted when displayed ^^
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You know those days when life just decides to be absolutely rubbish, well I am currently experiencing one.
....And then you suddenly receive the tracking information for your Loki Hot Toys, with scheduled delivery date for tomorrow. Thank you look after your people in times of need :)
It has been years since I last had the time or the energy to pick up my Wacom pen and put it to my digital paper.
However I have slowly started to pick up the pace and creative thoughts are coming in faster and faster. Besides that...I think having an inactive Deviant Art account for 5 years is a bit sad, time to fill it up :P