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Jack Frost Staff Tutorial V2

By Lyte-tech
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:target: Hello everyone!  Anyone remember a little old staff tutorial I posted early in 2013?   :iconhowamazingplz:  :target:

:bulletred: Find it on Tumblr here:…

Well, I'm happy to announce I've since remade my staff. It is now made of PVC and duct tape as a base. I decided to use the heat gun method (as I finally bought one. hooray!) and I needed to make it portable. Sadly, it is a tad bit heavier than the original, but hey, it's portable and fits neatly in a suitcase. I've also fixed up the shape of the hook. I'm sooooooo much happier with how it looks now. Once again, I eyed it so I don't have exact angles. I used a piece of wire as my pattern. Any questions, let me know.

The wood texture was achieved the same exact way as the original. I've shown a bit of the process here, but feel free to take a look at the original if you're unsure. 

Well, that's it! Hope this helps!  

:bulletred:Same conditions as before:

-If you download, plz give it a fave! 

-And if you find this helpful, give me a shout out!

Good luck everyone!

P.S. Please ignore my horrible outfit, hair, and lack of makeup.... It was a very slow day ahaha...ha. :iconotlplz:


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Any tips on how long each section of pipe should be in the crook of the staff? I've been trying to make my own staff but I've been having trouble with the lengths of the bent sections. Yours is the best I've found so far so *high five*!
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How much if we wanted to buy one?
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I'm hoping I can make the staff for my Jackie Frost cosplay {For Halloween} If I do, this will be helpful. Both of your tutorials are awesome!
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Good luck! I'm sure you can. Thanks a bunch. ;)
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Awesome job on both tutorials. How did you attach the crook to the base in the pvc example? Just gorilla tape, or something more? Seems like something else would help it be more secure.

My son should love the one I'm making for him for Halloween. Thanks!
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Thank you so much! Attaching the crook to the pvc one really is as simple as it sounds. Just cut to the right angle and go crazy criss crossing tape. It's overall strength in the end is all in how you tape it, not necessarily how much tape you put. To be honest, I didnt think it was going to work well, but the dang thing is more secure than anything haha. And I have a pretty high "bonk proof" standard I live by. 
And I hope he has a blast this Halloween! Good luck!
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how much pvc pipe did that require? this looks fantastic by the way! :D
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I bought one 10 ft. pole for less than 10 bucks. then cut the long part to just below my chin. hmm, i wanna say the top part it like 2-3 ft.? i actually cut a little too much off at first and had to mend a piece back on the tip when i did mine haha. i suggest making the shape first and then cutting the end off once you're happy with the angles. :) a good no stress method.  and thank you!
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Thank you so much! that was extremely helpful <3
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Good to hear. Good luck with everything. ;)
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