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Woodock (Updated - v1.1)


Woodock v1.1

Rainmeter dock

That name may be little confusing.. It's called like that becouse at first i made only wooden style one, then alu and iron. But i kinda like that name.. Maybe is not unique but sounds nice ;)

All user settings, instructions and some tips are in var.cfg file in @Resources folder
Rainmeter 2.3 beta (revision 1387) or higher required!

v1.1 - 2 new skins; Introduced usage of @Resources folder; small tweaks and fixes
v0.7 - Initial Release

:+fav: if You like it :)
:+devwatch: to stay updated ;P
Comments also appreciated :D

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Thanks for sharing! NICE!

Thank you so much for sharing It looks nice

how to add icons on the dock??

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thanks i want to try this one :)

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Just what i've been looking for :) thanks

Beautiful, thanks
How do I put icons on it?
I love this but i do not know how to do ````
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Hi, I've read every comment and the instructions, so far I put this
1r="C:\Users\Reina\Pictures\PS CC-Portable\Ps\Photoshop.exe"
1rm="C:\Users\Reina\Pictures\PS CC-Portable\Ps\Photoshop.exe"
Process1= Photoshop.exe
But it doesn't launch, am I doing something wrong? Thanks! (I'm using the 3.2.1 version)
Can use folders by using shells.  At least it worked on mine. There's a list at…
This goes to my video library


The rest I did were programs
1r=["C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"]
1rm=["C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox"]
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Could it be used as a launcher?  (hope you're still alive to answer)
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it is a launcher.. you need is to install Rainmeter to use it though
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Thank you >w<
And I have rainmeter installed, the group brought me here :3
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how do I read the instrucc?? 'cause the var.cfg can't seem to open because I can't open the it a txt?

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Yeah.. Just open it with notepad..
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like that very much but I need a smaller dock. Do you have one??
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Very nice skin!Can you give me permission to port it for XWidget ?
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DONT CREDIT HIM he didnt make this..he stole it..look at the bottom of the pic -_- he's an ass -_-
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i don't understand
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omg XD i fail nevermind just forget it lol
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