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Rainmeter tray icons



tray icon

1) Copy following section and paste it into Rainmeter.ini file (click right-mouse on tray icon and select "Edit Settings") and save it.
(or icon2.ico)
2) Copy icon.ico or icon2.ico from archive to skins root directory (C:/Users/%UserName%/Documents/Rainmeter/Skins/)
3) Right-mouse click on tray icon and select "Refresh All"

That's it. Enjoy! :+fav: if You like ;)

Check out also my <a href="[link]"new Rainmeter tray icons

Updates and changes
» 02 January 2013
• stroke is redrawed with different method, so it's a lot sharper now
• added 24x24px and 20x20px images to icons
• removed 32x32px and 64x64px images
» 18 May 2012
• added second icon, with subtle gradient on it.
• added 32x32px and 64x64px images to icons
» 16 May 2012
• little smother edges and brighter base
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ainq's avatar
nice, distinctive shape.
melomanox93's avatar
Exelent icon. Thanks mate :dance:
lysy1993lbn's avatar
I'm glad You like it :)
rudykaya's avatar
u can add the little mark in the middle and its a little too bright
lysy1993lbn's avatar
What mark?

Updated with second icon which has a subtle gradient and is little darker..
smurfier's avatar
You should include a couple larger sizes like 32x32 and 64x64 for those people with higher resolution monitors.
lysy1993lbn's avatar
Sure, i'll do it but please, advice me. Should I multiple stroke size?
I mean that originally in that icon it's 1px, sould i make 2px for 32x32 and 4px for 64x64 or left 1px?
smurfier's avatar
If you double the size of the overall image then yes, the stroke should also double.
lysy1993lbn's avatar
Ok, just updated it :)
rudykaya's avatar
looks nice but u could have done better
moondoggie2's avatar
great :)
ty for this
lysy1993lbn's avatar
I'm glad You like it :)
hombre-cz's avatar
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