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I chase the muse, they disappear
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Clutching To Reality, Pencil Drawing


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Clutching To Reality, Pencil Drawing


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Happy Holiday - Ornament - Digital Art


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Love Yourself First - Black and White Print

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Om Symbol - Psychedelic

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DeviantArtID - May 2017

Photos of me.

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What Is Gluten?

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Merry Christmas - Digital Art

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Analiese Pastel Painting Drawing Woman Portrait


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She Dreams Slowly Female Drawing Study


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Corgi Cone Corgi Cream Dog Wall Art Print

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Truth Hurts

Thank you for being honest with me. Saying I'd never go commercial. It hurt so much. Like my heart had a mini explosion. People have to be honest with each other. Some people go thousands of miles, with no skill. Thinking they are the best thing since sliced bread. But didn't give themselves a chance to heal, with the lies they've been feed. People will crush you. Criticize you, until nothing is left. If you're strong enough, you'll pull through the rubble, with gold on your chest. People will envy you. As if it was a gift you woke up with at 10AM one idle morning. Never putting into account the thousands of hours you've spent

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TARDIS - Colouring Coloring Page- Doctor Who

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01 | Pour Painting


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