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TARDIS - Colouring Coloring Page- Doctor Who

Updated 2021

Feel free to use!

If you use this, fav it, download it! Whatever you want. If you use it inside, or outside of deviantArt, give me credit. Don't have to send me a note, or ask for permission.

Should fit on standard 8.5x11(normal printing paper)

TARDIS from Doctor Who

If you have any groups of children, or classes, that are coloring these, please send me a picture of the children with their artwork. I would love to see it! I will post it on here!!

:star: Fellow deviants that took on the challenge and sent in their work of the TARDIS. Thank you!!! Everyone. Wonderful pieces.




Doctor Who Coloring by JoshDeeDeeDee:…

Christmas Tree ornament:…

Beautiful Doily Patterns of the TARDIS-->… | Activity for Kids --->…

copyright- BBC Doctor Who
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Hey, thanks for sharing, I used it here, […
NullNoMore's avatar
scout troop with a Dr. Who themed party -- they needed a reference and, bless you, you offered it. Yeah! If it comes to pass, I'll take a picture!
riverfox1's avatar
Excellent! Thank you for sharing!
FinalChara's avatar
Used your TARDIS for a keyblade here. Saved me another 30 mins of work XD ----> [link]
WhatItMeansToBeHuman's avatar
thanks so much!
I just finished colouring it if you want to check it out...^^
lyssagal's avatar
Looks like a nice Holiday card. Added to my page!
StareyedInLA's avatar
Hi, I finally got that embroidery of the Tardis done using your line art: [link]
SSB09's avatar
Hello! I used your lineart for this: [link]

Thanks! I loved it! :squee:
lyssagal's avatar
Very pretty! It would look cool if it was set as a desktop background on repeat.
SSB09's avatar
Thank you. I'll try that
Psalmbody's avatar
[link] I used your TARDIS lineart in that drawing in the link ^^ I hope you like it :D
lyssagal's avatar
Very creative. I like how the background gives it a rather realistic look!
I am going to add it to my collection!!
Psalmbody's avatar
Thank you very much! :D
GimpedForLife's avatar
Thanks for letting me use this!:)

Here is the link to what I did:[link]
lyssagal's avatar
Think it is colored very nicely!!

Good job :)
TARDIS-In-A-Teacup's avatar
Hello! I made a thing with your wonderful picture here as a base. (Actually, I made several things... It was my first real project on a laser cutter and I went a little nuts.) I posted my pattern for my thing on and linked back to here as you instructed.

Here's my thing!
lyssagal's avatar
TARDIS-In-A-Teacup's avatar
PPS - I'm also looking for some decent line art for Weeping Angels... I'm just sayin'.
lyssagal's avatar
If I come up with a good enough design, I will put it up :D
TARDIS-In-A-Teacup's avatar
PS - What font did you use for the signage? I had to re-do the text and I'm not entirely happy with the font I ended up going with.
lyssagal's avatar
I made that over a year ago. Also have gotten a new computer, and didn't do any backup on it. That wasn't very smart of me! I will see if I can find the font for you though.
TARDIS-In-A-Teacup's avatar
I'm so glad you like it!
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