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Tex and Japanese vixen

One of three commissions for :iconkaezarrogarin:
Tex tries to score with a Japanese recon pilot vixen and fails miserably. She doesn't even break stride as she whacks him in the midsection. OOOF!!

Tex (C) :iconkaezarrogarin:
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Great drawing, dude, I love this drawing, it pretty interesting.
Nice drawing, keep it up!
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Foxy Roxy vs Kendo Coyote perhaps ? ;-)
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That is one nice-looking vixen in this picture. :meow:
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She's tougher than she looks, that's for sure... ;)
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lol owning...nice

If u ask question u expectant answer……
But if u now the answer is there no question?
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no kidding...

but if that was me, then she wouldn't be able to resist me at all
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maybe a little, but not for long
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what? y would u slap me?

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noo.....but she mite, ow...
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Yikes! *hopes he didn't get hurt too badly*
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my only critique would be it looks odd for him to have his teeth clenched in the back but not in the front
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I know what you mean.
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Wow, talk about failure.
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XD hahaha dont mess with the hot vixen.

Is that Foxy Roxy from Brutal: Paws of Fury? Cuz it looks like her
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I guess you shouldn't underestimate a vixen in a Itsy-Bitsy-Teenie-Weenie-Bluely-colored-Bikini that she wore for the first time today. Old style beatings FTW!
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eheh,poor Tex XD
nice work as always Lyso ^^
Well-drawn and well-colored there. Good expressions.
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Hehehe, nice job, Lyso.
The "beatin'" effect remembers me of the old Batman series (Pow!) :)
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