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Melted Lyso

Ugh! I've turned into a puddle of..something!!

Colored with Art Rage 2, with the "paintbrush" tool, which also looks like chocolate! *LOL*
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nul34r-j0NN4y's avatar
*pokes with stick* Its SQUISHY!!!
raptorwolfchick's avatar
Its caramel chocolate pudding! YUMMY! :hungry:
Nice job on the gooey effect. :XD:
lol Lyso's colors always did remind me of chocolate! Good texture on the colors, too.
Gattlin's avatar
*pokes with stick* EEWWW!

I know how you feel, I too have those "don't want to move around, feel like crud" moments.
Lance-Foxx's avatar
Haha, you know I approve! Cool to see you giving melting a try. Gotta +Fav, nice work. ^^
hunterbahamut's avatar
Heh, this is an interesting idea, looks pretty good, really like the details for the puddle.
ShotKing's avatar
Its... its... Something else all right! :D
roothragon's avatar
I'm coocoo for cocoa lyso?
springheel's avatar
Can you draw an identical pic with Jackie? We are just like you in that pic: Plus 40o C!!!
Lysozyme's avatar
*LOL* That would be a good idea!
KholdMalik's avatar
Are you without your bones?
Hehehe, nice pic :D
ArchTeryx's avatar
Good gracious, have you been hanging around Terminotaur or something? :>
Lysozyme's avatar
I got the idea from Lance Foxx's latest pic
railroadsloth's avatar
Oh no! o.O I hope that's not permanent! We've got to get you in a tank car to return to sender. =p
mausaba's avatar
OMG XD what appen to you Lyso ? ^^; to much hot ?
eheh very nice and funny :D
Hannah-The-Echidna's avatar
Haha! Poor old Lyso!
He's still beautiful in my book, even if he's feeling a bit puddle-esque!
kaezarrogarin's avatar
It's the Lyso-1000! ;)
should i get a mop or some freezein agent?
Xss-'s avatar
Noooo, what happened to yooouuuu? "tries to cast some healing speel!" :D
Atimist's avatar
I told you not to go near the water... same thing happened to the Witch of the west... she didn't listen either! hahaha
Well I hope you get back to your normal state! =D
BTw funny pic! ;)
angelasamshi's avatar
Ohahaa I can tell. >Uo
GreekYOSHI's avatar
roflmao!! :rofl:

*takes a test of chocolyso*

YUMMY! :dance:
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