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..and only one day late!

WHEW!! It's over!!! 55 figures in total, one more than last year!
But enough of that. From me, to you......


Lysozyme - Matador (ole!!)
Vidarabine - Clown (European whiteface type)
Fugue - Dalek
Blue Roo - Clown (Auguste type)
Maus - Pyramid Head

BRAVE VOLUNTEERS (in alphabetical order)
(DA name - Character - Costume)

- Raquaz - Clown (harlequin type)
- Freedom - Blue Meanie
- Atimist Fox - Link
- Sierra - The Blue Demon (why not a luchadora?)
- Blak - Jack Carver
- Timeo - Blackadder
- Drath'del Minar - CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow
- Brown Wolf - Joe Elliott (Def Leppard)
- Casanova - Zio
- Crispi - Jak
- Krotsgier - Dominatrix (on your knees, worm)
- Travis T Retriever - Powdered Toast Man
- Spinal - Hip-Hop!
- Donamer - Demon
- Draganta Starwind - Knight
- Dreamous - Cloud
- Shoryus - Junior (Xenosaga)
- Egyptian Raptor - Darth Maul
- Misha - Commissar
- Moloko - Nurse
- Hunter - Aztec Dancer
- Rikko - Ruby Rhod
- Reoza - Cow
- Kimba - Sparky
- Let Dragon - Let (Rave Master)
- Trevor - Spock
- Nekochan - Playboy Bunny
- Nidhogg - Sora
- Ludren - Muad'dib
- Nemmy - Chocobo
- Red - Matrix!
- Restrained Raptor - Mummy
- Rick Griffin - Riverdance!!!
- Rik McCloud - Sly Cooper
- Doc - Napoleon Dynamite
- Salen - Jedi
- Ayur - Martial Artist
- Seraphis - Edward Elric
- Duranos - Mr. Bean
- Artdeux - Magma Silver
- Sorcerer Lance - Cerberus
- Hydryl - Goth Chick
- Gargles the octolisk - Doc Ock of course!
- Tombfyre - Fat Bastard
- Gemini - 1980s Rocker
- Tilylah Axstroph - Serious Sam
- Hana Tatsenko - Golden Cuirass
- Wyraach Ur - Yami Yugi
- Wolfemasters - Jedi
- Yanya - Alucard
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What a great Halloween poster. I really like the animation characters in this poster.
TravisRetriever's avatar
I remember this.  Man, that was years ago. :)
CaseyDecker's avatar
That looks very nice, even though I think the 2005 version is better. :)
casey64's avatar
I wish I could see the full-sized version of this picture... :(
gambit0007's avatar
Wyraach is dressed as my saga so if i glomp he'll kill me for it :o
ObviousWoodTroll's avatar
Dragons don't look cool when they wear clothes and stand on two feet.
egyptianraptor's avatar
lol i still love how u did Badru (ER) in this pic. epic!
griffindragon's avatar
NukeDragon's avatar
O.M.G! I think I just saw some familiar characters from some movies and games!
NukeDragon's avatar
Whoa! 55 characters? how long does it take to draw all of them? Pretty good work! and Namaste! to all you LOST fans out there!!!
Lysozyme's avatar
Several months :)
freezycastform's avatar
Go Sora, Jack, and Link! Especially, well, all three!
What I love about each:
Sora: Brave
Link: Cool (weapons :))
Jack: CRAZY!!!!
I LOVE THIS PIC! I wish I could make a costume that good...
solidsnake801's avatar
I just finish playing Far Cry and now I see Jack Carver again in furry form! Awesome!
rumiko-skiler's avatar
Woah, how many ppl :XD: Interesting :nod:
ridinrail's avatar
whats one thing that would make lysozyme absolutely furious? Please PLEASE draw him like that!!! i love angry animals or what ever he is.
Lysozyme's avatar
I don't draw him really mad that much, now that you mention it. I think the last time was my Soup Nazi pic :)
Stan-the-Pickle-Man's avatar
HOLYCRAPDALEK!!! That's awesome.
Aphrael7's avatar
Fwew, that is awesome! I love looking at group pics :D
Spinal22's avatar
Sorry for the late, I'm in my army school lol!

I love it, thanks a lot Lyso' to put my character Hydryl!^^
SliVeROVeRloRD's avatar
Thanks a ton Lysozyme

Not exactly sure of what I'm doing though, hahahah.
silverdragon45's avatar
Need I say anything? really? It's so GREAT! And thank you.(Mr. Bean. hehehe. Definitely a twist)
Lysozyme's avatar
I figured violet would be one of your "calm" colors!
silverdragon45's avatar
You nailed it on the HEAD. Again, thanks. I hope to someday commision a character sheet for him from you. I just have to catch an opening!(lol)
chaoticdreamer's avatar
:glomp: Oh man, it looks great! Especially Penny, who's just like "Whut...?" Thanks so much for including me! I've relly gotta do something for you someday.
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