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..and only one day late!

WHEW!! It's over!!! 55 figures in total, one more than last year!
But enough of that. From me, to you......


Lysozyme - Matador (ole!!)
Vidarabine - Clown (European whiteface type)
Fugue - Dalek
Blue Roo - Clown (Auguste type)
Maus - Pyramid Head

BRAVE VOLUNTEERS (in alphabetical order)
(DA name - Character - Costume)

- Raquaz - Clown (harlequin type)
- Freedom - Blue Meanie
- Atimist Fox - Link
- Sierra - The Blue Demon (why not a luchadora?)
- Blak - Jack Carver
- Timeo - Blackadder
- Drath'del Minar - CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow
- Brown Wolf - Joe Elliott (Def Leppard)
- Casanova - Zio
- Crispi - Jak
- Krotsgier - Dominatrix (on your knees, worm)
- Travis T Retriever - Powdered Toast Man
- Spinal - Hip-Hop!
- Donamer - Demon
- Draganta Starwind - Knight
- Dreamous - Cloud
- Shoryus - Junior (Xenosaga)
- Egyptian Raptor - Darth Maul
- Misha - Commissar
- Moloko - Nurse
- Hunter - Aztec Dancer
- Rikko - Ruby Rhod
- Reoza - Cow
- Kimba - Sparky
- Let Dragon - Let (Rave Master)
- Trevor - Spock
- Nekochan - Playboy Bunny
- Nidhogg - Sora
- Ludren - Muad'dib
- Nemmy - Chocobo
- Red - Matrix!
- Restrained Raptor - Mummy
- Rick Griffin - Riverdance!!!
- Rik McCloud - Sly Cooper
- Doc - Napoleon Dynamite
- Salen - Jedi
- Ayur - Martial Artist
- Seraphis - Edward Elric
- Duranos - Mr. Bean
- Artdeux - Magma Silver
- Sorcerer Lance - Cerberus
- Hydryl - Goth Chick
- Gargles the octolisk - Doc Ock of course!
- Tombfyre - Fat Bastard
- Gemini - 1980s Rocker
- Tilylah Axstroph - Serious Sam
- Hana Tatsenko - Golden Cuirass
- Wyraach Ur - Yami Yugi
- Wolfemasters - Jedi
- Yanya - Alucard
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Comments (119)
What a great Halloween poster. I really like the animation characters in this poster.
Reply  ·  
TravisRetriever's avatar
I remember this.  Man, that was years ago. :)
Reply  ·  
CaseyDecker's avatar
CaseyDecker|Hobbyist Artist
That looks very nice, even though I think the 2005 version is better. :)
Reply  ·  
casey64's avatar
I wish I could see the full-sized version of this picture... :(
Reply  ·  
gambit0007's avatar
Wyraach is dressed as my saga so if i glomp he'll kill me for it :o
Reply  ·  
ObviousWoodTroll's avatar
Dragons don't look cool when they wear clothes and stand on two feet.
Reply  ·  
egyptianraptor's avatar
lol i still love how u did Badru (ER) in this pic. epic!
Reply  ·  
griffindragon's avatar
Reply  ·  
NukeDragon's avatar
O.M.G! I think I just saw some familiar characters from some movies and games!
Reply  ·  
NukeDragon's avatar
Whoa! 55 characters? how long does it take to draw all of them? Pretty good work! and Namaste! to all you LOST fans out there!!!
Reply  ·  
Lysozyme's avatar
Several months :)
Reply  ·  
freezycastform's avatar
Go Sora, Jack, and Link! Especially, well, all three!
What I love about each:
Sora: Brave
Link: Cool (weapons :))
Jack: CRAZY!!!!
I LOVE THIS PIC! I wish I could make a costume that good...
Reply  ·  
solidsnake801's avatar
I just finish playing Far Cry and now I see Jack Carver again in furry form! Awesome!
Reply  ·  
rumiko-skiler's avatar
Woah, how many ppl :XD: Interesting :nod:
Reply  ·  
ridinrail's avatar
ridinrail| Interface Designer
whats one thing that would make lysozyme absolutely furious? Please PLEASE draw him like that!!! i love angry animals or what ever he is.
Reply  ·  
Lysozyme's avatar
I don't draw him really mad that much, now that you mention it. I think the last time was my Soup Nazi pic :)
Reply  ·  
Stan-the-Pickle-Man's avatar
HOLYCRAPDALEK!!! That's awesome.
Reply  ·  
Aphrael7's avatar
Fwew, that is awesome! I love looking at group pics :D
Reply  ·  
Spinal22's avatar
Sorry for the late, I'm in my army school lol!

I love it, thanks a lot Lyso' to put my character Hydryl!^^
Reply  ·  
SliVeROVeRloRD's avatar
Thanks a ton Lysozyme

Not exactly sure of what I'm doing though, hahahah.
Reply  ·  
silverdragon45's avatar
Need I say anything? really? It's so GREAT! And thank you.(Mr. Bean. hehehe. Definitely a twist)
Reply  ·  
Lysozyme's avatar
I figured violet would be one of your "calm" colors!
Reply  ·  
silverdragon45's avatar
You nailed it on the HEAD. Again, thanks. I hope to someday commision a character sheet for him from you. I just have to catch an opening!(lol)
Reply  ·  
chaoticdreamer's avatar
:glomp: Oh man, it looks great! Especially Penny, who's just like "Whut...?" Thanks so much for including me! I've relly gotta do something for you someday.
Reply  ·  
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