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FLASH - Lysoroids

My Flash remake of the classic game Asteroids.
Give it a spin :)
Includes instructions.
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Great work on this game
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Finished at level 3 with a score of 13,100. Good game though.
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damn saucers >.< only got 550000
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First try: 104600 - LVL 7

Not a bad little game. It's the lack of maneuverability more than anything else that gets me. Those saucers keep coming back and most of the time it's possible to dodge their shots or shoot back at them, but not both! And those spinners are just killers! Yeow!

I think the biggest gameplay flaw here is the smart bomb. Detonate one in the very center of the screen and suddenly the screen's completely clear! True, a life is sacrificed every time I do that, but I lose more if I don't!

Overall, it's pretty cool. Nice and retro. Reminds me of when I used to do this sort of stuff in QuickBasic.
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Yep, that smartbomb is a doozy ;)
Thanks for your feedback.
YrFvFrnd's avatar
why r there some asteroids in the backround
love the game still
Lysozyme's avatar
What do you mean?
YrFvFrnd's avatar
while i was playing the game there were two asteroids in the backround
you could fly through them and not be able to shoot them
next time that happens ill take a screenshot and show you
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This is great!
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Sweet! Very smooth, and I like the fact that the larger objects take more hits. Good work.
Lysozyme's avatar
As they should
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Score: 38250
Lvl. 4

That's how well I did on my first try. Great game, though I am a bit annoyed that you made the sound effect for dieing a laughing sound =|
Lysozyme's avatar
Uh, no. The laughing sound is from the saucers.
remick0's avatar
Score 94700 lvl. 6

Ok, now I get how the laughing sound is coming from the saucers when they shoot you down. Damn little buggers >= (
0rava's avatar
Great game!
i hate them saucers, i never remember to use shield ;/
Lysozyme's avatar
Well you *should* remember, then. You'll last longer ;)
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Keep trying then *G*
KaiodaDragon's avatar
The farthest I made so far was level four I keep losing xD
KaiodaDragon's avatar
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