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My entry for the World Ends with You contest going on

TeK is a homeless, wandering street MC. He wanders the streets of Shibuya spreading his off beat brand of music to all who'll listen. Dubbed by a few as a "Musical Virtuoso" TeK has the ability to use peoples thoughts and dreams and spin them into his beats.

TeK was also well into the Reapers game, but he seems more interested in making music than participating in the game.
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Apr 5, 2008, 12:41:45 PM
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Even after all this time this guy's art and busts still crack me up.
KodamaHime's avatar
I love that his name is sort-of a pun on "Techno". :heart:

Very nice detailing.
Tokyo-Explosion's avatar
I just started playing this.
He look like he'd fight right in.
GayKeyboardWarrior's avatar
Best pic in the competition you got my vote
ybloc's avatar
i like is facial expressions lol nice work!
Kyuuen's avatar
He has this really nerdy-cool look too him. I actually like him better than any of the other designed characters I've seen associated with the game.
We like very Jamie Hewlett, tis a top colour sceme though, congrats on being a finalist
DecemberIsGone's avatar
awesome character, grats on getting top 10!
Shin834's avatar
I like the character design. his clothes are really "Out there" you know?
of course, congrats on the victory.
KisstheDream's avatar
Congrats on being a finalist!
Nadasulaki's avatar
It's a very 'kids next door' style-esqe. Congrats on the win, though I believe that you could've done better. Keep pushing yourself!
evelyn-stormcraft's avatar
...Is that a phone book locked around his neck?

(Congrats on the top 10, btw.)
ShamelessMagic's avatar
I find homeless people to somehow seem cool. He's one of them.
E-ddie's avatar
Lol. Someone really needs to get that man a home. :o

I love this picture. :D
JonFreeman's avatar
awesome design dude. great work amplifying his personality. ^^
UtakoYeow's avatar
congratulations with being in the finals
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Krash1111's avatar
I've seen far more in-depth and intriguing characters in the contest, and yet YOURS is the one that wins...

Very unimpressed with the "winners" of this contest...
Just-Waffle's avatar
this reminds me of the game jet set radio future
Bl4ckfire's avatar
XD I love his eyebrows. They just make me not able to take him seriously! Which is fine cause he seems like that to me. ^^
nk-chan's avatar
Oh god

Sexiest character ever

Awesome design, seriously I love the color scheme and his shoes~~

Totally my favorite entry *exploding with love*
PrfctDrk's avatar
Thats friggin awesome, he looks like a cartoon singer for Gorillaz ^.^ great job (As you can tell, I like this one the most)
ellizer's avatar
congrats on being one of the top ten!

i love the big zipper! he is a pretty fancy homeless guy, haha. he would be so fun to meet on the street.
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