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Yes we can...........with giant robots.

*edit* Changed his face to look more like Obama, still doesnt really look like him, but it looks better than the old.
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and he can kick the ass of cartman and his friend cthulhu
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I'd love to see a version with just the robot
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This would be the best video game!
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so you did it before space dandy  the robot
we don't want ur obambi care *****
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I laughed my ass off at this, its incredible
"Give tax money or we use over badass transformer lady liberty on you" anyway great pic maybe next time put putt in instead
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i want them to fund this right now
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what are we doing to this guy
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I'm not super happy about Obama since the NSa thing, but holy shit this is awesome. Instant fav from me.
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And he go kill milions people...
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this insp,iRes me,,,,,,,,
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Oh my is that a breast?!?
Not very ladylike if i do say so myself XD
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This Obama looks better the the real person.
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I don't care how much people complain about him, THIS IS AWESOME!
911 is an inside job
how dare you make this evil balloid of bohemian grove anime!
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This piece right here.
I must say.
Is perfect in every way.
From the shape, to the colouring, to the shading, to the damn premise.
This is a fantastic piece.
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