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It's teletubbie time

By Lysol-Jones
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dude, that little baby face in the sun was pretty creepy, it creppied me out, and I'm as manly as they come
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Kill it before it lays eggs!
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XDDDDD funneh !
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hey a teletub.....OH MY GOD RUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!!
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ho que flayero que hace inti alli
chaosandcartoons's avatar
he don't seem so cuddly now
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hey! this is what the teletubbies looked like to me when I was three!
you left out a finger on his left hand
He's so gracefull
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that show's scary... way to "teach" things to kids through totally ilogical ways.
This captures the nature of the show better than anything else
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He looks like some sort of hell monkey...

Pretty nasty. Though the real Tinkie Winkie had a triangle on his antenna. I believe it was Dipsy who had the straight one.

If this is Tinkie Winkie, I'd like to see Noo Noo! That thing rocked.
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Wow. Officially the most dramatic switch from annoying kids' show character to i'm-gonna-wet-my-pants freaky please-don't-be-hiding-in-my-closet nightmare. Props.
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The SH4 PFloating effect give a nice touch.
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I expect the Ring girl to pop outta his belly.

Crazy good art! Cx>
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Time for tubby bye bye......Time for tubby Bye Bye..........
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it's terrifying... thinking that their universe is controlled by a baby :[
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wow...just wow thats amazing
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