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A Story In Stones

Ambient music playing in my head, while Spike and Twilight are exploring the ruins: [link]

This was a little painting experiment. Well, I'm not quite sure about it, but I wanted to post something before I will leave for ten days, so here it is.

Also I'm really happy for interview with Spiritto and LionHeartCartoon on Cutie Art Crusaders. Though I went to bed in 6 am., it was worth it (I know, I could watch it later on the YouTube, but I was hoping for Q&A). I only wish more colour theory by Spiritto.

Character Design © :iconfyre-flye:
My Little Pony © HASBRO

Edit: I just came back home after nine days out and I really don't know what to say. Thank you for your huge support, guys!

Edit2: Do you, fellow bronies, want to hear something epic? Because ~ocenatone (or better his Soundcloud: [link]) made an amazing theme for this painting: [link] ! And guess what, it's just a preview! I cannot wait for the completed tune!

This artwork has been given to Ami Havivy to help rise money to save Kiki, little girl with a brain tumor. If you are interested and you want to help, go here: [link]
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© 2012 - 2021 Lysok
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My godness!
This is beautiful... I have no words.
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"Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair."
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Imagine if... The second MLP Movie would have something like this in it. Oh Boy, would it be great...

That would require a striving for excellence....her brilliance was writing a story for kids that everyone could enjoy! Kids gonna grow, keep that cash flow coming.

Excelsior. Huzzah!

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What a powerful image...

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The quality make my eyes bleed amazing job man 
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Much beauty carved in stone... I'm speechless rigth now...
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nice painting
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Beautiful image here
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The ruins of ages long past lie at the edge of our knowledge, as though afraid to remind us that someday we will die.
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Far off in some distant corner of Equestria, long untouched by pony hooves, there lays a shattered ruin of carved stone. The structure has long since collapsed into itself, leaving a jagged ring of debris to watch over a sunken crater. The rains have left sections of the ground flooded, reflecting the sky above with waters as cold as ice and still as glass. The remains of pillars and massive archways jut defiantly into the air, still standing after a millennia of desolation. Huge slabs of walls are decorated with drawings of a kingdom's long forgotten reign. One shows what appears to be Canterlot Castle.

Here and there, amid the chunks of forgotten memories and quiet pasts, fireflies dance, golden lights flashing like sparks in the nighttime air. They have been the only company of the lonely keep for ages now.

In the center of the ruins, partially sunken into a pool of crystal-clear water, there is a statue. The towering pedestal it stands upon is cracked and damaged from time, but still remains steadfast in its duty to hold its ward. Intricate carvings cover its surface, images of a sun shining through clouds, of two alicorns circling a sun and moon. The years of neglect have done nothing to wear their features, and they remain as pristine as the day they were carved.

The statue's figure, a majestic, beautiful alicorn that reared up on its backhooves with wings stretched towards the heavens, is damaged. Several feathers on its right wing have broken off, and almost half of the left one is completely gone. Its legs and hooves are chipped in places. The tip of its horn has snapped off. The alicorn's mane and tail were long and flowing, carved smooth by pony hooves and the force of mother nature. Tilting towards the sky with closed eyes, the forlorn statue looked as though it were sitting in a pool of its own tears. Its cutie mark was that of a feather dipping into an inkwell, signifying its power for creativity.

An old legend in the Canterlot Archives tells of a powerful alicorn goddess who created all of Equestria. She filled it with life, and guided the first ponies towards a brilliant future.

However, only two thousand years into her rule, the alicorn queen vanished without a trace. The only indication that she was ever there being a crumbling statue within a once-proud fortress.

Nopony knows who she is.

Nopony knows who she was.

Nopony knows she even existed.

The only ones who do, are two sisters...

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Amazing snip. Would read more.
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Hasbro should see this, no they must see this. Queen Faust needs to brought into canon.
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Queen? More like God-Empress.
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This sort of scene is actually possible (though with Twi as alicorn). I have wondered for a while, what happened to the other Alicrons?
This. is. Glorious.

I wish there was an epic that would explain this scene.
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I'm loving this scene a lot!! :D Amazing artwork... and tribute to the Creator ^.^
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Twilight Sparkle ''THE PICNIC!'' icon : Who was she? The statue looks about 1,000 years old by the degradation. I didn't see any references to this pony in any history books. Does Celestia know her?

"Praise Harmonia, our great creator, and loving mother of the sun and moon."

Twilight Sparkle ''THE PICNIC!'' icon: "Sun and Moon"? She's Celestia's and Luna's mother?!
lynx318's avatar
And Discord's adoption mother.
Perfect. If only the twilight icons was...different.

You wouldn't have found any fanfiction along these lines would you?
lynx318's avatar… Read these 4 chapters before finding this picture, gives it a bit of perspective.
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Your artwork was used here... :\…
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