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Dragon Age Origins - Crows

the crows send their regards...

wanted to draw Zev a bit darker and more... evil xD;
its sad i actually used refs for the crows and they still look like undercover pidgeons, boo!
Zevran (c) Bioware, art is mine~
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It's a very nice drawing! And Zev is looking Britney Spears Are you suuure? 

And the self-distance and honesty in the description made me chuckle :)
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This is ridiculously awesome. ;)
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Hehehe! Evil Zev. I like it :heart:
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HOTHOTHOTHOTHOTHOTHOT!! brain DOES NOT COMPUTE! how can a guy be so devastatingly gorgeous, thank you Dragon Age Origins artists for creating such a magnificent beast. and Lyshantia, this picture is breath-taking, well done. and the crows don't look like pigeons, you did well.
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that face tho. Meowth Uh Oh Meowth Uh Oh Meowth Uh Oh Meowth Uh Oh Meowth Uh Oh Meowth Uh Oh  is all I see
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The lighting is impression! Really, really, like this! 
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Those are ravens, btw.
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What a handsome Zevran! Great composition job on light and shadows! :love:
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Darn, but does he look sexy in this one. *.*
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This is mindblowing. It makes me love him all the more XD
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Nuthin like a sexy assassin to brighten up your day...
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Amazing piece!
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That is awesome. He looks so evil XD
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Dieses Bild ist einfach grandios!! Ich habe es letztens irgendwo im WWW gefunden, allerdings ohne Referenz auf dich, und bin nun sehr froh zu sehen, wer die Künstlerin ist :D
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this is, by far, one of the best Zevran pics i have ever seen.
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Fenris is nothing compared to this sexy antivan ( sorry for misspells)
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"undercover pidgeons" :lmao: They look good to me... does that count?

Mmmmmm... Zevran.... very nice...
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:dummy: I adore Zevran!!!! Faving this!
I think that this is probably the best depiction of Zevran I have seen. To me, his expression looks so much more honest than many of the happy-go-lucky ones that are out there. You don't get his background and let go of all of that emotion in the span of a year- even with the Wardens!

Plus, he looks really handsome, pretty but still masculine if that makes sense. Oh yes, I like this very much.
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