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Dragon Age Origins - Chibis

By Lyshantia
i can never think of anything to draw lately, so heres some chibis Dx
maybe ill draw some of the others too sometime.. or color these.. i dunno ~.~

anyway left to right: Alistair, Leliana, my PC Rija

ive beaten dragon age for the 4th time already and once i can make up my mind which class to play next its gonna be a 5th time~
maybe a tank.... or a mage of some sort.... hmmmmm

anyway chars are (c) bioware, art is mine
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© 2009 - 2021 Lyshantia
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MissSuperLori's avatar
They all look fabulous
Casnel's avatar
xsky-riderx's avatar
Honestly, if you colored these and laminated them and made them cell phone charms or made them stickers or whatever...I would buy them. o.o
UniqueAngel585's avatar
Good picture, but where's chibi Morrigan. 7:/
Swolfmoon's avatar
Do you mind if I color these in?! They're fantastic! :)
KillerKitten187's avatar
THEYRE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!
TSalad's avatar
oh that is So cute... Im faving it nao! Wish I could create such believeable chibis one day too *worship*
LittleTealIlya's avatar
So very very cute >.<
fosirius's avatar
Amazing! I love your PC (:
ISnowdropI's avatar
Sooooo ccuuute *spaz attack* :)
Beckerwith's avatar
Alistair! :heart: So adorable! This makes me want to tattoo him onto my forehead XD *glomps*
Gribouillonne's avatar
Alistaire is Kawaiiii >o< !!!I love he !
BleedItOut94's avatar
I really like being a rouge
taeness's avatar
I mos' def went with an elven rogue my first play through... These are awesome! However, I have never seen Alistair looking so certain about anything :)
Lady--Elle's avatar
These are really cute :D
Kixlio's avatar
Gasp!~ so cute!
I want a real Alistair and Leliana!
good artwork btw!
FaithValentine's avatar
Love! >.< They are very cute!
Rob-Lannister's avatar
very cool drawing! I got 100% of the trophies in DA *w* absolutely a masterpiece among the rpg!
Phylion's avatar
Very cute chibis!^^
Tynikma's avatar
Ah, I've got in a lot of trouble with these fellows

A definitiv Favorite 'cause of just plain beautiful beautiness...?
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