Planning to start a new weekly feature, Fandom Fridays. Which fandoms do you want to see some art features for?
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I'll make suggestions :la:
I'm indifferent to your fandom feels =/

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By Lyricanna
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Cloud and Nanaki by moppiwolf
Final fantasy 7! For the artists that are getting and want to reclaim there childhood! =D would make a great fan art feature there's loads of people that like final fantasy and it's big at the moment because of the remake ;)
Sorry about the shameless plug of my work cloud and nanaki :)
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Already featured that one ;)
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Aww soz I didn't know not been at da long :)
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No worries.  Welcome to the site =)
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I really, really love Fandom Fridays and DD Roundups!  Thank you for taking the time to do them.  I find them invaluable as a admin at :iconqualityfanart: as I've discovered new artwork and artists that we haven't included yet. 

But is there a list of the past features?  If not, how can I find them? 
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No problem; enjoy the stroll through =)
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I would love to see fan art for Shin Megami Tensei (sans Persona as there's already an edition for that :)) and for VOCALOID/Utau.

Oooh, and maybe for the Ender/Shadow book series?
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Suggestion->One Piece or hetalia 
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Would love to see some quality works done in reference to any of Brandon Sanderson's works or even Patrick Rothfuss' books.  There must be a plethora of art drawn for these amazing stories and the deviant community has yet to see them!
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It would be nice to see Ronin Warriors/Yoroiden Samurai Troopers featured! They need a little love, everyone seems to forget about them (or not know who they are in the first place).
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I'll look into it =)
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Perhaps a Witcher 3 feature? :eyes:
Its a great game :3
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Have you done any for Transformers/Kingdom Hearts/Chrono Trigger?
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Not yet but will definitely do them soon =)
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How about:

Steven Universe
Gravity Falls
Star vs. the Forces of Evil
Sonic the Hedgehog
Lucky Star
Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
and Assassination Classroom(I've never seen this anime, but I'll take a look at it!)
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Did Steven Universe today ;)
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Ookiku Furikabutte (aka Big Windup) - it's an amazing baseball anime that I feel doesn't get enough love :)
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I'd like to suggest Final Fantasy 14 and Final Fantasy 9. :heart:
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Howabout something for the fashion illustrator community of deviantart? Like a designer fan art? We are kinda like fan artists when we draw the designs of famous designers.
Oh and I would love to see some Ratchet and Clank fan art :)
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*knock knock*

Axis Powers Hetalia? :3
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