Fan Art Fridays: The Hunger Games

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Hello and welcome to the 6th edition of Fan Art Fridays :wave: I'll be featuring 10-15 pieces of fan art, by fandom each week.

But before we get to the feature, I want to let all of you know that the group CR-FanArt-Contests is holding a Re-design a Character Contest :la:  Go check it out.

This week will feature fanart from the book series The Hunger Games (for no other reason than I just finished reading it for my Pop fiction class).

The Hunger Games by scarlet-xx Hunger Games - Rue's Lullaby - no.7 by lizzomarek Rue - The Hunger Games by Patsie The Hunger Games Compilation by braidsandarrows Hunger Games Finnick by bleeding-mark Hunger Games: Here is the Place Where I Love You by mseregon Hunger Games - Reviving Haymitch by leabharlann Hunger Games Triptych by ex-m Lavinia the Avox - Hunger Games by MirRoriel Hunger Games: Effieeeee by fortykoubuns Hunger Games: Girl on Fire by scriptKittie The Hunger Games by llstephy Let the Games... Begin by bunnychan13

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I really need to watch this... even though my fiancé said it's not lived up to the hype XD
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I only read it; apparently the movie was a bit better than the book, I am told =)
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Heh, I read the books just recently (via audiobook), and I really did not like them. Perhaps it was the way in which the narrator read the books, but they just felt cheap. Basically, cheapo teen angst romance crap. Sort of twilight, but in a different setting. One thing, specifically that bothered me, was that we never had views/happenings WITHOUT Katniss. Other books I've read, they would change to other non-main-character circumstances, to further develop the plot and all that. But this was all Katniss, all the time.

Now the movie was a bit better, I think. Not great, and lmao yeah sort of a bad version of Battle Royale, but it was pretty good, compared to the books at least.
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I'm not a fan either; I think Rue was the only character I actually liked. But I don't quite get the Twilight comparison (I've only read the first Hunger Games book though). People compare it going "ooh love triangle" but Katniss has basically no interest in romance what so ever. She just wants to survive and if pretending she's into Peeta gets her through the games alive, then fine. Even the proposed "couple's suicide" at the end was more to beat the system than her "not being able to live without him".

Although, basically anything is better than Twilight so saying that I liked Katniss' attitude towards romance not being appropriate in that situation isn't saying much, especially since it's basically the only thing I liked about her. But I do agree with you; it was really hard to connect with any of the characters because they were little more than names, when they weren't just physical descriptions (ex. fox faced girl).

I'm sure my mother-in-law will subject me to the movie eventually :lol: Borrowed the book from her. Good to hear that it was a bit better =)
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Heh yeah well the "love triangle" crap gets more developed in the other two books. Especially the third.

And yes, all the other characters felt rather simplistic, perhaps because of the first-person narrative thing that went on.
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That makes more sense then.

Same thing we had with Twilight happened here I think; narrator had some serious tunnel vision and could not be assed to actually notice other things in the environment :lol:
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Excellent feature! And an excellent idea, featuring a fandom you don't necessarily like. :)
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Already feature DDs from fandoms I dislike/know nothing about, so may as well continue here =) The art's good and that's what matters =3
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