Fan Art Fridays: Harry Potter

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Hello and welcome to the 8th edition of Fan Art Fridays :wave: I'll be featuring 10-15 pieces of fan art, by fandom each week.  This week will feature fanart from the series Harry Potter as suggested by many :la:

Harry Potter by hueco-mundo Harry Potter by ElectroCereal Harry Potter Epilogue by nanami-yuki harry potter by ekara Harry Potter: Goodbye Dobby by daekazu :thumb121959185: Harry Potter -Trio- by diabolumberto Harry Potter by Tifaerith Harry Potter - Deathly Hallows by DrStein :thumb108018545: Another zero, Potter... by ellaine Harry Potter and the Werewolf by zazB Harry Potter in Diagon Alley by Ry-Spirit harry potter:  not slytherin by DragonDream08 Harry and Ginny by hannahtess

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Amazing feature! :love:

Thanks for sharing! :hug:
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You may now rejoice =P
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Yay! I still remember having to read the first book in my 6th grade class (1999 :omg: ) and I though it would be terrible. After the first chapter, I found myself reading ahead of the rest of the class because it was so interesting. It's really crazy to see just how popular it has become over the years.
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How suitable - I just recently submitted a HP Fanfiction :giggle:
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omg yes! i love harry potter! :love: haven't read the books yet though.
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Only read the first and saw the first movie so long ago that I barely remembered it as I read XD
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i might watch harry potter and the goblet of fire :P although i haven't read the book yet
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Harry Potter! \o/

You should totally read the rest of the series! =D
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My mother in law to be tried to give me the whole series in one go :lol: Might take her up on the offer one day =)
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