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Hello and welcome to the 12th edition of Fan Art Fridays :wave: I'll be featuring 10-15 pieces of fan art, by fandom each week. This week will feature fanart from the series Digimon :la: (Expect a seasons 1-3 bias >>)

If you want to suggest a book/game/anime/cartoon/movie/etc to feature fan art of, please comment here:…

:thumb174750893: Digimon Tamers by YoukaiYume Digimon Adventure 02! by finni Digimon: Matt and Gabumon by Detoreik Digimon: Beat Hit by Atomic-Clover :thumb187672386: :thumb335164788: The Digimon Kaiser by evelynbordeaux Digimon: Sepia by aoineko Digimon - Lullaby - Taito by Pikka Digimon Brothers and Sisters by curry23 Digimon Brave Heart by Awesome-Matto M Y . .  C Y B E R D R A M O N by moremindmel0dy Angewomon by xSheepi

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Yey Digimon! :heart:
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Something not anime related must think....Fairly odd parents
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I don't really have a pre-set schedule; I just feature things that are on my mind, have been talked about with other deviants recently or I check my poll, which is where I prefer suggestions to be placed. If I feel like featuring anime for a few weeks in a row, that is my choice :shrug:
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holeeee crap I forgot about Digimon.. wow these bring back some meeemories
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I cannot forget Digimon; seriously dark anime by the end of season one for a kids show. And seriously awesome as well.
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To be quite honest I can't recall what happened but I remember it being awesome. Because to be honest it was probably played majorly out of order XD
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Yeah out of order watching can have that effect :lol:
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