Fan Art Fridays: Devil May Cry

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Hello and welcome to the 21st edition of Fan Art Fridays :wave: I'll be featuring 10-15 pieces of fan art, by fandom each week. This week will feature fanart from Devil May Cry :la:

:thumb372445102: The Half Devil by Terra7 Nero - Devil May Cry 4 by Lalilulelo2003 DMC3 Dante by Virus-AC Devil May Cry III by ScabbedAngel Devil May Cry 4:Dante and Nero by starxade +my rose+ by Valentina-Remenar Devil May Cry -- Artwork for CF 2012 / 2015 -- by skian-winterfyre Devil You Know by dreamarian   .::Devil within:.. by DeadlyNinja Dante Must Die by minhdo SEX, BLOOD, ROCK'n'ROLL by MKage Dancing for the Devil Colored by sephiroths-muse

If you want to suggest a book/game/anime/cartoon/movie/etc to feature fan art of, please comment here:…

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Is this ... a game or something else? o_O
Lyricanna's avatar
Video game; it started on the Play Station 2, 11 years ago or so now. An anime and manga have been made from it if I recall. A reboot also came out this year but I prefer not to acknowledge it /purist =P
phoenixleo's avatar
Oh. It's just confusing sometimes to figure out whether it was an anime or something else. >_>
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Sometimes I'm just not sure what to put if it's multimedia like that XD  Other times I'm featuring a series I know nothing about.  So while I try to get the source right, it sometimes just doesn't happen ^^;
phoenixleo's avatar
Well, I am not so learnt in these things, so for me you're safe. :')
TehAngelsCry's avatar
Awesome collection :la:
My fiance loves DMC so he squee'd a little when I showed him this xP
Lyricanna's avatar
It's a very good series =D
GazVille's avatar
what about thethe new oneee....:(
cool pics though.
Lyricanna's avatar
I have my biases ;)

And I honestly didn't find that much fan art of it; I looked at 1000+ pieces and the fan art from the newer one just wasn't amazing (that I cam across). Or it was theft of official game art =/
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You may want to remove the 'there will soon be a compilation' bit ;p
Lyricanna's avatar
Thanks for noticing; I'm bad at copy paste when tired XD
neurotype's avatar
iingo's avatar
Can't wait to see next weeks!
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