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Hello and welcome to the 3rd edition of Fan Art Fridays :wave: I'll be featuring 10-15 pieces of fan art, by fandom each week. This week will feature fanart from the series Baten Kaitos as suggested to me by ikazon =)

Baten Kaitos Origin by Vassantha :thumb185098586: Baten Kaitos - Kalas by Dareedse :thumb265433414: comm: The Godling's Rapture by mazjojo Lord of the Winds by Ponthion Clouds of Diadem by Dyru Guardian by ChronosAbyss Rain on a Moonlit Night by DrZime :thumb206926416: Deadly heat scythe by Getsuart AT: Folon by Marsuministeri :thumb288738887:

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Wheel of Time
Phantom of the Opera

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OH wait. There's actually three BK DD's... [link] :D
namenotrequired's avatar
I knew I'd find you here :giggle: :heart:
VelCake's avatar
This pleases me.:la: I'm a huge fan of the series, it makes me really happy to see a feature of it.
There's also [link] , which is one of the two BK-related DD's on dA, both suggested by me.:giggle:
Lyricanna's avatar
Yeah I try to avoid showing already DDed works in these =) Glad you enjoyed them =3
Dareedse's avatar
Aaahhhhh Thanks a lot for featuring my work! : O

And yeah, they are amazing games... Origins was never released in Europe, though ;_;
Lyricanna's avatar
LadyWinter's avatar
LOVE the series! Origins more so actually but at least now you've heard of it. =P Great features!! :heart:
ikazon's avatar

(See, I win at suggestions! ;D :heart:)
Lyricanna's avatar
ValaSedai's avatar
Oh my fiancé will love this. :giggle:
Laeneris's avatar
YES. :heart: Some of these I've never seen before , time to go comment on them! I love this game to death, and its prequel even more. :iconkawaiipandaplz: Would recommend anyone with a Wii (since Gamecube is getting kind of old) to give it a try, you won't be disappointed. Except maybe the voices from the first game will be a little bit meh. :stare:
Lyricanna's avatar
Glad I picked some good ones for a series I know nothing about :lol:
Contraltissimo's avatar
Oh my gosh.... I need to finish this game....

Lovely feature. :love:
EstrellaCorazon's avatar
thanks so much for honoring an obscure and overlooked series.
I love the story and the characters that this game has!
Lyricanna's avatar
Always glad to promote lesser known series =D
kyoyaskitten130's avatar
Oh my goodness I love this game! Great choices, the pictures look amazing!
IridescentStardust's avatar
HNNNG Great game, awesome chara designs. So great to see some amazing fanart! :heart:
Lyricanna's avatar
Apparently I need to play this?
JRCnrd's avatar
YES. GET ON THAT. IT IS AMAZING. :stare: Tis on the gamecube btw. :meow: Also. Play Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean first, then play Origins.
Lyricanna's avatar
I don't own a gamecube and never have so that might be an issue D=
JRCnrd's avatar
Own a 1st Gen Wii?
Lyricanna's avatar
JRCnrd's avatar
Then all you need a copy of the game, a gamecube memory card and a gamecube controler and you're set. All can be found online pretty easily for cheap. :meow: Gen 1 Wiis have Gamecube compatablity. :la:
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