Fan Art Friday: The Walking Dead

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Hello :wave: Welcome to the 78th edition of Fan Art Fridays :wave: I'll be featuring 10-15 pieces of fan art, by fandom each week =) This week will feature art from fans of The Walking Dead :la:

Walking Dead sketch cards by choffman36 The Walking Dead  (2014) by scotty309 The Walking Dead by PatrickBrown Morgan-Walking-Dead by ted1air The Walking Dead game by Ekeen The walking dead - Friday 13th by maXKennedy Original Walking Dead Michionne Painting  by solman1 The Walking Dead_Carl and Clem_2 by lydia-the-hobo Fight for Life by SchifferCake The Walking Dead Eggs by Red-Flare The Walking Dead by KaylaDavion THE WALKING DEAD: I Ain't Nobody's B*tch by K-tetsu Michonne by starrfallphotography The Walking Dead Lee Everett plushie by VioletLunchell

Suggestions? Want to see past issues?

If you want to suggest a book/game/anime/cartoon/movie/etc to feature fan art of, please comment HERE

Fan Art Fridays Past Editions

If you missed one of our past issues or want to see what's been covered, please take a look at that list!


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Oh my gosh! I love Walking Dead! Yay to all the fan-arts.
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Thanks for including my plushie! <3
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Wow! Awesome collection!!!
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Glad you enjoyed it =)
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Both hands raised! Though it's scary :O :lol:
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You already said it once: scary is sexy :la:
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Raise your hand if you think that Daryl is hot!!!

:dummy: both hands!
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