Fan Art Friday: Suikoden

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Hello and welcome to the 31st edition of Fan Art Fridays :wave: I'll be featuring 10-15 pieces of fan art, by fandom each week. This week will feature fanart from the Suikoden series :la:

GENSO SUIKODEN by aribuwana Suikoden - Apple n' Shu by neomonki Suikoden 3 Collage - 400k by eisu Suikoden Heroes by silpholion Visiting Daisy by byombu Suikoden II: Violet Hill by offcolor Suikoden 2 - Jilia Blight by djmidori Suikoden II - Snowfight by aomarine Suikoden V .:Quiet Days:. by kaiten-yari Viki - Suikoden II by Puu-nyan :thumb96864956: :thumb356599577: :thumb345873559: Lazlo - Queen Knight by la-sera Suikoden III- Flying Contest by Kukico

If you want to suggest a book/game/anime/cartoon/movie/etc to feature fan art of, please comment here:…

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I know of a Let's Player who is doing a Suikoden II Let's Play.…

She has a dA as well: *Lucahjin :P
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    Love the feature :clap:
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Thank you for featuring my Viki fan art :iconyuihugplz:
Gawd.. I wish Suikoden series still goin on *cries* I need more Viki! ;w;
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You're welcome =3
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My favorite PSX game of all time! I'm glad this series is being recognized :)
PS - I also drew a Suikoden fanart here.
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I want more games like this, seriously.

I saw that in my search actually =D
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I remember seeing my little (not so little now though) brother playing the first Suikoden ages ago. :D
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Steph only has the second one but I swear she would kill for the first :lol:
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Amazing art! Never heard of this video game but it looks cool. Thank-you for sharing with us. n.n
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The first 2 are for the Playstation.  Yeah no number, just plain old Playstation :lol:  I only know of the series since my wife loves the second game but it's a cool adventure RPG type with a really amazing storyline :nod:
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The first ever playstation?! woah
That's awesome! I don't have a playstation though, but I can do some research about the series at least. :D
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Yeah, 90s game lol

It's playable on a PS2 with a PS memory card =)
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90s games are the best. Really so much creativity and effort. 
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Indeed; I feel like, while graphics have come a long way, a lot of games focus more on graphics than story or character building these days.
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Yeah that's true. And most games now are all about shooting and stuff. I mean I'm sure the guys love that, but what about us gals who aren't into that? XD
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I would say there's still Fire Emblem but the recent one, as much as I love it, has a serious dating game side component that I personally did not enjoy (just think that character/player interaction can get cheesey XD).  I just like good adventure games where I can recruit a shit ton of characters and maybe play at tactics for a while XD  But it seems the industry is still in denial that 40% of the video game market is female =/
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