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Hello :wave: Welcome to the 77th edition of Fan Art Fridays :wave: I'll be featuring 10-15 pieces of fan art, by fandom each week =) This week will feature art from Star Wars :la:

Remembrance by Soturisi Kylo Ren by Yuuza :thumb587967214: Star wars tribute: Darth Maul - by DrManhattan-VA Star Wars Generation by DavidDeb Darth Vader by NickyBarkla Wrath of the Galactic Empire by RobbVision star wars - pretty fly for a jedi by shorelle Star Wars Gaming Tribute by RobDuenas Star Wars - You were the chosen one! by Okha Star Wars - Mara Jade by Queen-Azshara Darth Vader X-Stitch by Shellfx REY - STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS COSPLAY by Candustark Twi'lek Jedi Historian by AnariaZar-Rel Come to the Dark Side, we have coffee! by NadienSka

Suggestions? Want to see past issues?

If you want to suggest a book/game/anime/cartoon/movie/etc to feature fan art of, please comment HERE

Fan Art Fridays Past Editions

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I'm so sorry for the slow reaction, but thank you so much for featuring my art!<3
Lyricanna's avatar
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Thanks a lot for featuring my art :D <3
Lyricanna's avatar
You're welcome =)
DrManhattan-VA's avatar
thank you for adding  my work *-*
Lyricanna's avatar
You're welcome =)
Soturisi's avatar
Aaaaw thank you so much for feature my Kylo Ren watercolor!!!!! :love:
Lyricanna's avatar
You're welcome =D
IDEGZ's avatar
Is a wonderful feature,i want to see the new movie :D
TsaoShin's avatar
Awesome feature!  Love that traditional piece of Vader in the awesome prismatic colors :)
Lyricanna's avatar
Same!  The colours feel alive in that one, it's a really neat effect.
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"Pretty Fly for a Jedi" :happycry:

Great feature!
Lyricanna's avatar
I saw that and just could not resist :lol:
JenFruzz's avatar
I sort of want a t-shirt of my own :shifty:
Lyricanna's avatar
I'll be sad if one does not exist.
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