Fan Art Friday: Spirited Away

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Hello and welcome to the 61st edition of Fan Art Fridays :wave: I'll be featuring 10-15 pieces of fan art, by fandom each week. This week will feature art from Spirited Away :la:

SPIRITED AWAY:  beyond skies and seas by mai-kuu   You're it by sycamoreleaf Spirited Away Wallpaper by JoJoesArt Spirited Away by Derrewyn Spirited Away - Walking Towards the Train Station by Nick-Ian Spirited Away by unhai Spirited Away by snowmarite Chihiro--Spirited Away by qianshuhao Spirited Away - Ghibli Series II by Loonaki :Spirited Away fanart: by lehuss Commission : Kaonashi (No-Face) + the Soot Sprites by verdantSculpts Spirited Away ::02 by Cvy Spirited Away - No Face Shadowbox by Hatpire Spirited Away by RachaelsWireGarden Spirited Away Haku Chainmaille Dragon by SilverHauntArmoury

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mai-kuu's avatar
Thank youuu so much for the feature
you're very kind 
thanks for spreading love on DA :iconsupertighthugplz:
Lyricanna's avatar
You're welcome =)
PeppermintSoda's avatar
Although didn't watch the movie fully, I still loved it. :XD:
Aleiocus's avatar
I love Spirited Away! Also, 61 is a lot. :o
Lyricanna's avatar
Been at this for 2 years or so =)
Aleiocus's avatar
That's really impressive! :D
RachaelsWireGarden's avatar
Aww, thank you for the feature! :hug:
Lyricanna's avatar
You're very welcome; your work is stunning =D
TimberClipse's avatar
One of my favorite movies, great to see this amazing art that was inspired by Miyazaki!
Lyricanna's avatar
Same here =D

And so much art to choose from =D
TimberClipse's avatar
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