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Ty for feature ; w;
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Thanks for the feature
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You're welcome =)
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Thanks for the feature! 

The anime is pretty fun to get into and if you don't take it too seriously, it's just the right amount of story and action/comedy. 
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Not a problem =)
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awesome, this serie is much more than it seems to be.... not only Half-naked people :)
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Care to give me a synopsis?  No one seems willing to explain what it's about :lol:
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uuffff is difficult to explain it because ir a strange serie (and you look like a demented person when you try to explain it xdd), basically there are a special clothes with life and give powers to those who wear it,  Ryuko (the main character) is involved in all this mess because she want to discover who kills his father and do justice (not vengeance) the series have a lot of hilarious moments, fanservice with a lot of epicness xdddd (but overcoat is a humorous anime, at least at the first part of the series  because it tunrs more epic at the final episodes xddd) ...its one of my favorites animes, so brave and unapologetic. Contrary to what it may seem females are strong and powerfull in this anime,  they are not only females showing their boobs (ok... they show their boobs too xddd)

and thats all.... sorry for my bad english xdddd
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Thanks for the explanation, that does sound interesting =)
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Thank you so much for featuring my Satsuki :D :heart: :hug:!
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LOVE Kill La Kill :D awesome pictures :D
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Thank you very much for picked my artwork :iconcryforeverplz: 

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Clothing is the ultimate enemy in this series actually ^_~
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:icondragonnod1: It was a theme that made for quite a few nice views ^_~
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