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Hello and welcome to the 29th edition of Fan Art Fridays :wave: I'll be featuring 10-15 pieces of fan art, by fandom each week. This week will feature fanart from Free! as suggested by alexandrasalas :la:

Splash Free by Miyukiko Free by jen-and-kris :thumb387635858: FREE! by Innervalue Makotou FREE! by kaskianioh Free! Rin and Haruka by Shumijin Free! - Rin by Bisho-s Free! Nagisa by SquChan Free by INstockee Rei (FREE!) by renaillusion :thumb403790795: Underwater by Rene-Elric Haru x Makoto by Sobachan

If you want to suggest a book/game/anime/cartoon/movie/etc to feature fan art of, please comment here:…

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Thank you very much for the feature ^^
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You're welcome =)
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ahhhh thank you so much for the feature!! :D
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You're welcome =3
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Beautiful swimming boys :'D 
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Lyricanna's avatar

How you feeling?
alexandrasalas's avatar
Feeling a bit better each day. :hug: 
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uNF! I mean beautiful! :D
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*Sighs* I'm never featured in one of these... Awesome features!!
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It's hard to pick just 15 out of thousands of great pieces of art ><
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I know, I know, hehe, sorry... I just wrote that without thinking on the hard work of choosing between all the Free! deviations :blush:
You did a great work, seriously :huggle:
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I dun usually notice the journal portal at the bottom left. I only scroll down occasionally to check out new polls. Glad I spotted this Free! Feature journal!!! :heart:

Congratulations to all the artists that got their Free! Fanart featured ^^
There is so cool yet so cute fanart at the same time.. Nice work everyone :D
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This is my first feature in the journal footer out of this series, so I'm glad that it's reaching so many fans =D
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We'll add you to the list of those in need of a blood donor =P
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I am still in the hospital after watching Free. I was diagnosed for something weird and i am still recovering. After seeing this feature, I think I'll need to stay here for a few more weeks. And I need more blood donors. 


Nosebleed, stahp. 
Lyricanna's avatar

So sorry to exasperate your condition!  Recover soon!
jcroxas's avatar
i will be okay. since Tachibana Makoto is by my side all the time.

my goodness. why do i fanboy/fangirl all the time :iconeratsplz:
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Sometimes it`s really hard not to!  It just feels so natural.
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OMGAHAFSJAGJSGHASAKJAAAJJJJ YOU ARE SO DANG AWESOME for featuring FREE! :squee: and this journal went to the first page :heart: 8"DDDD
I can't get over this anime, it seems so simplistic on the surface but heck, Free! tells such a gorgeous story of bonds and beautiful rivalry as well as stunning men's upper bodies wwwww Utterly touching ; A ;
Thank you so much for featuring fanart of this show, they're all marvelous <333
Too bad ~sloyuna's artworks aren't among one of them. She drew awesome FREE! and Shingeki no Kyojin fanart. 8D

Regardless, thank yooooouuuu :glomp:
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You're welcome =3

I looked through roughly 2000 search results since Free is a word used in other contexts, so that is probably why I missed her on this feature.  As for the other series, there were 70 000+ search results and I only looked through 800-900 so it's easy to miss one artist that way ^^;
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