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Snapping Turtle

At first glance I may seem soft and weak, keeping to myself. I stay inside my shell and rarely share my true self for risk of being hurt. But beware, I am not as I seem. Gentle, yes, and yet... Tired of being bitten for peeking out too often, I've started biting back. I carry those who treat me well and do my best to help. But I will not hesitate to fight for myself, like I used to before.

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Well? DO YOU??


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The Art of Being Cute


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Crimson Triforce Ch. 16

Meanwhile, in a dark corner of the Forest Temple, Gourry and Amelia were dropped into a crudely-dug pit of some sort by the wallmasters that had captured them. As they waited for the creatures to leave, they huddled together, Amelia clinging tight to Gourry. He did his best to comfort her; he knew she was really scared, and he wanted to try to help her as much as he could. They needed to stay calm if they were going to get out of here. Gourry glanced around at the area. It was dark, so there was no way of being able to tell where they were or what was going on. He could hear the wallmasters shuffling around nearby, doing something. He hoped

Crimson Triforce

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To the Depths of Insanity

To the Depths of Insanity Chapter 1: The Dark-Haired Sun "Lina, I'm starving! Aren't we near a town yet?" The first words out of Gourry's mouth for the last three hours, and of course, they were about food. "Hold on, jellyfish brain, we should be getting there any time now!" Lina said impatiently. She wished he'd talk about something else; she was starting to feel hungry too. "Hey, Amelia, about how far away is the next town, anyway?" Amelia studied the map for what seemed like ages. When Lina opened her mouth to ask again, Amelia finally replied, "Oh dear…" Lina stopped, glancing back. "What?" "We seem to be very far off course.


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