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today's page is here at last!
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I like the page. It's nice to see Perceptor making an appearance, and that he doesn't need to speak in science all the time :D

You've got some typos though:

2nd panel
We really appreciate
There is nothing for you to be thanking me for. (or "there is nothing to thank me for")
then it will benefit

3rd panel
(she answers "yeah" on Percy's "I hope that trust isn't misplaced".. perhaps her answer should be "It's not"?)
but I realize it's still a lot

remember to contact security immediately
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Ash looks . . . neutral? *squint* Interesting.

And also, wait, what was their mom's occupation in the past?
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Aquantine was originally a frame designer, more in the aspect of solving frame issues rather than their aesthetics.
She didn't work directly with perceptor or anything, but their paths crossed and they kind of developed this mild professional friendship.
This was before perceptor decided to cut somethings from himself for more room in his processor
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Ahhh. Gotcha. ^^