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:: Ok so the small clip-it from our story ::

Meg squealed and squirmed against Scorpius's grip!. "Just because i am unusually not tall, does not give you the right to do this!" She said flailing her arms and legs around trying to kick at his legs but getting his robe only. She couldn't help but laugh hysterically. He had picked her up outside of her last class, and tucked her under his arm like a quaffle, so now she was dangling from his arm. The part that bugged Meg the most was that she apparently weighed. 'nothing!'

Scorpius was laughing just as hard as she flailed about. He had her under one arm, holding her around the waist. "Hmm, but it does. You're like my own personal stuffed animal!" He laughed a bit more at his train of thought and maneuvered his way through the classroom.

He came to a stop at one of the empty desks and set her down on it, chuckling a bit at the fact that her feet were a good foot off the ground. He loved making fun of her height, it always got her all flustered and he rather enjoyed that. "There. No more complaining. You know you like it anyway." He told her with a wink as he sunk into the seat beside her.

Meg continued to squirm, when he moved her, feeling a little venerable, her laughter not stopping. When her feet touched the seat she began to pout as crawled down it. Her feet still didn't touch the floor. "I'll show you stuffed animal!" She hissed mockingly whacking his shoulder with her hand. She grabbed her bag from him and took out her book, as she moved to hit him with it. "RAWR!" she said stopping the book and inch from his face.


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Gillian Summers- Gryffindor girl, with the bluest of blue eyes. ALL of the boys have crushes on her though she generally circulates through three of them. At this current time she is with Albus Potter ^^ (just for you Kay Kay)
SO I KNOW THERE ARE NO CHEERLEADERS AT HOGWARTS. But to be perfectly honest drawing the same old uniforms is boring hard work, so i mixed it up a little, i mean... why not?

Albus Potter- Harry and Ginnys youngest son, who we decided was sorted in to Slytherin. (since he was so worried about it in the end of the 7th book) and we all sorta wondered, what would have happened if Harry HAD followed the sorting hats advice... you would have done well in Slytherin...

Scorpius Malfoy- Draco and Astora's eldest son. Quidditch captain and keeper. Hes just about the most amazing male rp character we have ever had. Like Draco... ONLY BETTER!

Meg Bledsoe- ALSO a cheerleader... why? because shes so darn small she would be so very light to lift and throw... it works... Bryn probably talked her in to it....
(see my Beldsoe picture for more info about Meg)
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I love your style! and the little clip-it the pictures about =D
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Thanks so much! :D :D
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fantastic love
they all look just cute and handsome =^.^=