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Hi everyone!

I’m happy to announce that I finally set up a print shop! Thanks for the patience to everyone who asked for this since ages. You can now purchase selected images as prints either on deviantart or on INPRNT:…

Feel free to let me know if there is an image you would like to see as a print that is not yet available and I can add it as well.

Brother and Sister by Lyraina Losing My Head by Lyraina
Auri by Lyraina

Mature Content

Black Sheep by Lyraina

Project Oasis: On the Road by Lyraina Postapocalyptic Kid's Base - Nighttime by Lyraina

Postapocalyptic Kid's Base - Daytime by Lyraina  Commission: Welcome Board by Lyraina

The Rounded Ridge by Lyraina Crimson Daggers by Lyraina

Blue Mountains by Lyraina Canyon by Lyraina
  Jasnah Kholin (Stormlight Archive Series) by Lyraina Kaladin and Syl (Stormlight Archive Series) by Lyraina Shallan (Stormlight Archive Series) by Lyraina

I walk alone by Lyraina  Chasm Duty (Stormlight Archive Series) by Lyraina
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EnvisualistProfessional General Artist
Good luck! Let me know how it goes for you!
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LyrainaProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you! Not too well so far, lol - but I'm also not doing a good job advertising the print shop(s) or adding more art regularly. I hope for these to pay off more as a long-term thing on the side, so that's ok.