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yes am sorry to do this to everyone.but this only happen once that it. anyway i made an amino community about my little pony and them fighin herds together and yes background ponies are incude.

so here the link of the community…
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:bulletgreen: i accepted

:bulletblue:Mature Art

:bulletblue: pony creator

:bulletblue: nice comments

:bulletred: i don not accepted

:bulletred: Anti Art

:bulletred:Art thief's

:bulletred: bad comments
and please people make the folder organize so we not have to do it ok.

and remember I am the nice boss you ever have so be nice to me and my helper too:D

Have fun:heart:

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give her a Llama…


:bulletorange: Boss of Lyra: keep tracking everything in this group

:bulletblack: Vice Boss of Lyra: need a super group for that

:bulletpurple: Helper of Lyra: help the boss for any Reason and others

:bulletgreen: Look out of Lyra:Look for any bad things or impotent things.

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