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CE: The Divine One (Cover)

This explains my absence after I said I was coming back to be more active LOL

Contest entry for MerlynsMidnight's contest for her comic!
Design a Cover Contest: The Divine One

I tried to style match as much as possible xD

I'll try to be more regular with the art as I'm writing Darker Times <3

Characters [Xana, Uru, Naanda] (c) MerlynsMidnight 
Art (c) Lyra-lions 
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Awesome entry! La la la la 
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Thank you very much! :heart:
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Damn I was supposed to join this cover contest but now I kinda don't want to because honestly want you to win ;-; <3 Like damn it's beautiful and it captures everything in a way.... well. Zira being on the "bad side" with Hyenas and those older gurlls (Sarabi and.... Sarafina I suppose) being there, seeming like they do not like living there at all. You captured their expressions, that's what I meant to say.
Even while Scar's reign and thus this picture seems dark and gloomy, Xana keeps on being herself and is sort of "introducing" herself to readers as a protagonist that she is (I think?) as she stands in front, smiling yet being so calm. Good job!

Though I need to say that Xana's legs seem a bit too small compared to her body and the sky probably should have been a bit more "detailed" aka more stars for an example, because everything else is quite detailed in the background.
Also another thing: my personal opinion is that Mufasa's outlines could've been made a bit "transparent" or light, but not too much so we can see who it is. But like I said, that is just me :'D 

Not sure if I said it already but I love this so much and honestly I think you should win this contest because.... there's no reason why as there doesn't need to be??? Because this is too awesome??? 
Anyway good luck~  I'll root for ya!
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You should totally still join though! I'd love to see what you can come up with! <33

The other lionesses would be Sarabi, Naanda, Uru, and Nala as in the comic and Ahadi is the sky dude LOL

But I get your critiques! I tried to style match closely to the original work but I'm still learning about that x3
Thank you so much for your insightful comment! :heart:
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If I have time, I'll give it a try but after seeing your entry, I already sort of know who wins. If I'm wrong though... well then I'm wrong XD

Ohhhhhhhhhhh right. How the fuck did I forget about Ahadi XD I should reread that comic before I completely lose my face or something lmao
Anytime~ I was slightly worried whether you'd get offended by my comment as you did not ask for any critiques, may they be good or bad. Aaand because I have this habit of sounding like an asshole while I am not ^^; But good to know this was not the case~
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I definitely will love to see what others will come up with though xD Everyone has different concepts and I think that's what I love about contests like these; seeing other people's perspectives on the story and summarizing it in a drawing. 

It's mostly because I know you and I know that you always have the best intentions in mind :heart: Also your critique was very constructive, so I'd be looking like the ass if I got butthurt over it LOL I might be a little more apprehensive if a random stranger did so while I did not ask for critiques, but this is a public site after all x3
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Agreed 100%!

That makes sense, yes, I'm glad you didn't take my comment as offending~
Yeeah, if it comes from a complete stranger then it's a bit... weird honestly. Though it all depends on how you approach the situation! c: 
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This is excellent.
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I LOVE this!!! <333
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That is Incredible! Good Luck
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Thank you so much! :D
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your very welcome!^^
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