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The Rabbits of Watership Down

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...Or some of them, at least! Trying to gear myself up to do something proper-- these are just sketches. Woundwort, Bigwig, Fiver, and Hazel. Woundwort's tough to portray without turning him into the one-eyed evil-for-the-sake-of-being-evil beast he was in the movie or tv series. Really, bookwise, he's just supposed to be huge.
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LadyFisziProfessional Digital Artist
You portrayed them so well :)
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i like how u draw ur rabbits very nice
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NathalieNovaStudent Digital Artist
if I wouldnt have read your disctiption I would have said the left one is Holly^^
redtigger1992's avatar
lolz! i watched the animated movie, and these look just like them!! makes me want to read the book now... : /
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Eagle-HeartProfessional General Artist
Amazing renditions. Amazing book :)
Bandersnatch-Shroom's avatar
Very well done...I adore the book & the film...And I also think you portrayed them quite well~
Xoxinga's avatar
I love Bigwig so much :hug:
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MarelynMayhemProfessional Digital Artist
I luv these rabbits!
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Amberck2Hobbyist General Artist
Lovely. Maybe you would be interested in doing some rabbit sketches for a rabbit sanctuary that is in desperate need of donations. Check them out at
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That's really cool! I love watership down adn I like your portrayal of Woundwort - although I did think his scar was cool, the whole one-eyed-thing was a tad unnecessary in my opinion. I also love thlayli there!
Zorro-the-Coyote's avatar
Your version of Woundwort is fantastic. The film was spot on with character designs except they made all the 'sturdy' rabbits (i.e. Silver, Bigwig) fat. Your Woundwort seems a lot more formidable and a more worthy opponant than the morbidally obese one in the film and TV series, also they made him quite too elderly-looking.
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Gold-SevenProfessional Traditional Artist
I love your Woundwort. And your Hazel. :love:
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lyoshaHobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, thank you! I keep wanting to revisit Watership Down. X)
quesoLOCO27's avatar
I've read Watership Down SO many times.... One of my favorites!

I even drew Hyzenthlay back in 1997-1999. It was a LONG time ago. I like your version of Woundwart better than the Movie version!
zretrareo27's avatar
I adored that movie as a child. We actually watched it in school. Bigwig was my favorite.
TheWaffleFox's avatar
Well done on Woundwart. He is so often overdone!
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worst. movie. ever!
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lyoshaHobbyist Digital Artist
There are a lot worse things. Like the TV series.
kathy-cottontail's avatar
i agree. though i was so disturbed by the gruesome rabbit carnage from the movie that i didn't stick around long enough to really tell how horrible the series was.
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ridley100Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The series is more kid-friendly.
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Yeah for non-movie Woundwort! Sometimes I wish more fanartists would realize it really is OK (and to me, favorable) to try your own artistic interpretations of book characters, and I love what you did with him.

I liked the movie design well enough (as it is kinda cool in its way-too-evil, half-blind, this-rabbit-weighs-50-pounds way), but it wasn't how I'd do him. This design leaves him open for villainy while allowing his face to show that he doesn't think he's in the wrong.

And the others are great too. Bigwig's movie design is nigh unto perfection, with individual tweaks only improving his awesomeness. Fiver's shorter face gives him that younger, runtier look he'd need to have - nice expression there too.
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lyoshaHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks so much for the comments! And man, I love your stuff. X)
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Thanks. :) I've found your gallery to be a fun look-through too.
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Would you mind if I posted this on my Watership Down Fanpop page? :please: Please let me know.
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