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Krechet ________________________________________________ TYPE: Common Harpia GENOTYPE: ee/aa/Ss/nBr PHENOTYPE: Barred Snow Wingspan: 40 ft Weight: 350 lbs Biorhythm: Diurnal Items: Personality: Reckless and headstrong, this female does not like to be limited or told what to do. Her behavior often gets her into trouble, as she is rather small for a harpia. She is, however, exceptionally fast, stooping from above at high speeds to deliver powerful strikes. She is highly territorial and prefers to live a solitary life. Lineage: ------------------------------------------ SSS: Sergeant 621 ----------------- SS: Huskee 2355 --------
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So I kind of exist. And I'm kinda interested in DracoStryx. I adopted a girl (Kothe 4284) and... now I'm just kinda staring at her. The whole thing is super overwhelmingly huge and I'm coming in from the craziest multi-year hiatus from art. Should I avoid? Should I make stumbling efforts at participation? Anyone on my list who wants to help me figure stuff out? I just... birbs. I like birbs.
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Alrighty guys, my stuff is unstored for a limited time. If you see something you like, save it, because I'm going to do a fairly large purge in a week or so and only keep the stuff I'm comfortable with. That means a lot of older stuff will be disappearing, and this time, for good. Thanks! Edit: If I owe you art, please -please- note me (don't comment here-- note!), remind me who you are and what I owe you, and we will work something out.
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when you come back and happen to see this pls join our birds of prey group and submit this deviation of yours there

Slate Raptor

Fixing that right now.
Can you draw the picture of mowgli and kaa as a request, please?
I LOVE your drawings and style!  Do you work with raptors? (I assume because of the pictures).  I also have experience working with raptors, it's the best! :heart:
I work with a wide variety of bird species at my current position (everything from crowned cranes to harpy eagles) but most of my background is with raptors, yep. :)
Awesome!! :)  What kind of job, if you don't mind me asking?  At a wildlife center, zoo, etc?  I'm a fourth year veterinary student (degree expected May 2016), and our school has a Wildlife Clinic, so I did a lot of volunteering there in my first three years.  Plus, we have resident raptors that are non-releasable, so I did training with them, and took them to schools and stuff for educational outreach :)
That's how I got started when I was in university. Education work with non-releasable raptors. I eventually lead up an ed team at a larger raptor centre for a few years. Then in 2013 I got a job with a leading animal training company and have been working all sorts of birds since then-- opened a new show at Disney's Animal Kingdom, then spent the summer doing a free-flight show at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. Back at 'home base' in Florida right now, training some eagles, and will probably be out on another road show next year.
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