Round 10...and a Tenth Anniversary

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Soooo...we've made it to spooky season...though going by 2020's standards, that's been going on since March which means...least for me...we got Christmas music starting up early; probably earliest it's been in years. But before full attention can be given to Christmas, we got Halloween to look forward in look forward to how it's going to look this year; theme parks such as Kings Island might give one a nice preview as well as ideas as to how to celebrate the holiday safely.

And with the change in seasons also brings in a change in sports; the NHL wrapped up its 2020 season with the WNBA & NBA not being too far behind - the former having crowned its champion while the latter is in its finals - and the MLB is in the midst of its playoffs......but for me, it means one thing. After having witnessed an attempt at a Spring football league becoming one of the many casualties of 2020 - though thankfully, the Rock and his partners are giving it another chance at life in 2022 so...fingers crossed - FINALLY football is back...somewhat; it's admittedly shaky and we're unfortunately seeing how the virus can affect it like it was doing to the bubbleless MLB earlier when it began its sixty game sprint of a season. Games are being moved around in the NFL, the Houston Cougars spent a month without playing college ball, initially we were without two of the Power 5, though they have since reversed their decisions and are planning to kickoff by November should everything hold up. For now though...we got games. We got football. It may not have fans...or it may be limiting how many fans can watch from the stands...but it's here. I am thankful for that.

And it's's sort of anniversary season in this part of the month; last week was the one year anniversary of AEW Dynamite - though their anniversary show is yet to come - Chris Jericho celebrated is 30 years in the ring this week, while not openly doing it, this is also the one year anniversary for the union of WWE & Fox, and now for the big one... the time you're reading this, it'll be ten years since the craze that created the phrase (word but phrase rhymes so XP) "brony" made its debut on the debuting network, The Hub. I, of course, speak of the most recent generation of a nearly three decade old franchise, and the show that introduced an unlikely audience to six pastel colored ponies and their world......My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. And that is still going strong through the a point My Little Pony: Pony Life, and of course the talented writers and artists who continue to be inspired by it...forever how much longer that shall be...which I hope will be a long time...and may will be as I hope to have used this day to rewatch the two-part opening to the entire series as part of a rewatch of the entire series...and some needed catching up on the closing of said series with the premiere of season eight. Yes, I'm wanting to rewatch while catching up; never said I was sane of made sense. And if you knew of my backlog or how I kill time...well, you'd probably have a clue or two.

Well, that's probably enough of an update for now; as is the motto for this year, stay safe, stay healthy.

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