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Should auld 2020 be forgot

And never brought to mind?

Yes. Yes, it should. It should be so far in the rear view that anything good from that year deserves a mulligan...like, have it repremiere/rerelease today.

If not obvious, I am so ready for this new year as I imagine so many of you are...and why wouldn't we be? 2020 kicked off with fire, potential war, and the loss of one of the best basketball players known to the world in Kobe Bryant along with his daughter, and seven others...and it only got worse from there.

We all know the big story of 2020 was COVID-19 and how we all coped whether it was locked in our homes or wearing masks to go out to stores & restaurants...for some it was either working from home...or having to come home to kids need help with their virtual learning...and for what felt like the longest Spring...we had no distractions from sports or movies...or at least movies in theaters - thank goodness for streaming - and even our television likely changed to reflect COVID protocols.

May rolled around and Memorial Day weekend capped off with the death of George Floyd, and the marches & protests that ignited from it and other incidents involving people of color and the police, and while those protesting tried to remain peaceful...those protests eventually got violent for one reason or another and carried on into the summer. Luckily, the summer brought us...

SPORTS! NBA, NHL...and eventually the MLB returned to give us something else to focus on even with two of the big leagues playing in bubbles for their playoffs and the other doing it in front of cardboard or virtual fans...and I think this was the start of 2020...not getting better cause there was still a virus, we were losing celebrities and important figures left and right - even up to the final days of this year, RIP Jon Huber & Dawn Wells - but it was perhaps more tolerable...and along with the continuing bad...some good news did start to emerge such as a vaccine...the election no matter how hard someone's trying to fight the result...

I'm not going to lie and say there won't be hardships this year...but after what we just went through and how some of the last couple of months set up this year...there's hope that it won't be as rough, that we'll eventually get to go back out into public spaces, that things will change for the better for those who really need it. And as for me?

With luck and focus...I hope to be able to get back onto the stuff I had wanted to do/read/watch last year from the standpoint of fiction, of pop culture...and perhaps along with it do some stuff that'll help with my health and help with getting my life organized.

It's a new day...it's a new year...let us all try to make the most of it and put what we experienced far behind us. Have a happy and healthy new year.

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